Tuesday December 28th, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: home.

Had a lovely drive back to Osoyoos today. The sun was shining, there was hardly any traffic, and there was snow where it was supposed to be: anywhere and everywhere but the road.

Oh, I promised snowshoeing pictures from Mount Washington. Here's one by me:

And here's one Kat took of me:

So. Much. Snow.


Home is where my heart
was broken, so now I live
on the open road.

*     *     *

Four walls, a few doors,
five windows, floors and a roof...
yet it's so much more.


Greg said...

All that snow looks fantastic! Is that a snowball you're readying in the second picture? I bet Kat got her own back if you did throw it at her!
Miles Davis -- of course. Not a case of reading too quickly, but being tired and not spotting the (now obvious) link.
I really like your first haiku for the way the first line misleads the reader. The second haiku is sentimental without being mushy, which I approve of ;-)

You call it home, but
I see a nest of vipers.
The wedding is off.


I taught my dog well,
Even eighty miles away
He finds his way home.

Zhongming said...

Marc - Amazingly outstanding photograph of snow! Love it definitely!

Great work with the haiku poem,Marc,Greg!


Home (Continuation from the snowy woods)

Memo of day three, 9:08am Saturday, 22nd Jan 2000.

I started to miss home as we rest to recoup our injuries. The warmth, laughter and so much more. Soon my eyes turn red and watery as the thoughts of home continue to linger in my thoughts. But somehow I found myself still alive in the snowy woods. Even though this is such a terrible experience, I am thankful to god that he lent me a hand during these bad times. 

Surviving the day with freezing snow was tough enough and yet we have problems with the shortage of supplies. It left us with no choice but to set out earlier looking for food and water. But our main objective is to find something that can gather attention so that someone can get to us. 

Sam and Jennifer were such loving person. I don't think I'll have the energy to get going if they weren't there for me. I almost gave up the idea and thought maybe I should just die here... 

Fate is such a funny thing. In the plane I thought they were just... extraordinary ordinary. One thing for sure is that Sam certainly doesn't resemble someone of his occupation. However I learned not to judge a book by it's cover then. 

So we trek and trek... all day long.

By the time you read this, we've already got to the source of water in this snowy woods. We've got the tents up and it's time to sleep again...

Another cold day... 

Oh dear, I missed the 
warmth, Yet kind lord filled the empty vacancies.

I'm starting to miss
My home and my family -
Taste of bitterness.

Zhongming said...

Ops I discovered a small error.

"Empty vacancies" to the last line of my first haiku poem.


Watermark said...

Marc: Fab pictures!! I like your gypsy-like first haiku and your second one has lovely heart-warming connotations.

Greg: I like them both! The second one more though :)

Zhongming: I like the setting just before your haikus. It just puts them in context. Good work!

Here's mine:


Home lies in my mind -
With memories I find a,
true sense of solace.


Eternity binds,
and completes attribution
to a place defined.

Sean said...

Beautiful pictures. I really would love to visit BC.
We never had snow like that in north east Ohio growing up. I live in South Carolina now and if someone says the word "snow" people forget how to drive even if it hasn't started yet. Then it might snow up to an inch once every 10 years or so and the whole area shuts down!

Perfect exercise since I love trying to write haiku. I have a page on my website where I post a haiku each day. They are called my zenkrak-ku's.

Two haiku about home:

wife, son, and the dog/ in the house or on the road/ with them I am home

castles in the sky/ horizons in the mind’s eye/ the world is my home

Vicki said...

Just found your site. Looking forward to trying to write every day!

Haikus are not my strength, but here it goes!


Like a warm blanket,
home is a comfort that lies
wrapped around my soul.

Home is my refuge
from the world in which I live
8 to 5 each day.

summerfield said...

marc, the photos are fantastic. i love the first one at that is how i pictured that scene in my "snowy woods" posting. i would guess that your second haiku is about your cottage?

greg, i like your second more because it happened to me, with a kitten, a long time ago.

zhongming, way to go, kiddo!

watermark, i like both of yours.

sean and vicki, a warning: this site is addictive! i always look forward to the next prompt and everyone's posting. sean, your first depicts to me an ideal home. vicki, i learned how to do haiku from marc and company and i like your first, too, because it kind of made me feel calm and cozy.

all these make me miss the "home" i used to know.


"Yo, honey I'm home!"
he shouts loud and with gusto,
Her note says, "Good-bye".


the weary mind finds
while its soul searches the world:
home is in the heart.

Marc said...

Greg - a snowball? Me? Never!

... at least, not while she was holding my camera :P

Your first haiku made me laugh and the second is very sweet. Unless, of course, you were trying to get rid of the dog :)

Zhongming - very nicely done! A continuation and two haiku, I am impressed :) I liked your second one best.

Watermark - that is a lovely second haiku. Very pleasing to the ear.

Sean - very cool! We do Two Haiku Tuesday around here and it's become one of my favorite days.

Love your first haiku!

Vicki - welcome! I look forward to you sharing your attempts with us :)

Really like both of your haiku, I can't seem to pick a favorite. Very nicely done.

Summerfield - yes indeed, the second haiku was written with the cabin in mind.

Love your first haiku. Absolutely perfectly executed :D

Isaac 5/6 said...

Without home there will be no laughter but there will be tears.You will lose your joy of life, all you will haveis loneliness and sadness throughout the years.

Miss B said...

My home is where I live,
I love my home.
My home holds me when I'm sad,
My home holds my memories,
They are nice memories of my childhood,
I love my home.
It's where I sleep at night,
It's where I wake at morning.
It's where I am happy,
My home.