Wednesday October 5th, 2011

The exercise:

Write something that has to do with being: ignored.

After our restaurant delivery this morning Kat and I stopped for coffee on the way back home. It was a pretty rainy and dreary day here, so that seemed like the best thing to do.

This afternoon we (well, mostly Kat as I wasn't feeling very well) pickled beans and carrots. Oh and we did up some beef stock too. It's that time of year, I suppose. 


It's not that he was ignoring his diet, exactly. There were, after all, at least two veggies on his family-sized pizza - three if you counted the sauce (which may or may not have had actual tomatoes in it).

And so what if he was eating it all by himself? He'd always considered himself a family man. Maybe one day, he thought as he began his fourth piece, he'd meet a nice woman, settle down, and start a proper family of his own. With a puppy and real live kids (not just those pretend ones his character had in his favorite computer game) and everything!

After another sip of soda - diet, of course (can't possibly be ignoring his diet if he's drinking diet soda, now can he?) - he returned his attention to the magazine in his lap. A health magazine, I'll have you know. One with exercises and proper recipes and all that good stuff.

He picked out three activities that he would definitely start doing - tomorrow or the day after, when he might have time to do them - and set it aside. Yes indeed, he thought with a satisfied smile, this new diet was really doing the trick.


modelhorsemad said...

I am feeling in a good mood, even though I ain't well :)

I feel like I'm ignored,
It makes me very bored,
No one to talk to,
And nothing to do

I feel like I'm ingored,
And I pray to lord,
Maybe it's not me,
Let alone do I know it's just a tree!

modelhorsemad said...

Definelty random, I know xD

Greg said...

@Modelhorsemad: I agree with you, that's pretty random!

@Marc: Sounds like your character takes his preparation for his diet very seriously! And he's absolutely right, it's not ignoring a diet if you're drinking diet soda. Definitely.

"I have this fear, I've had it since I was seven I think. It might have been a little earlier, but I can clearly remember getting a fire engine a few days befo– are you listening to me?"
"Of course!" said Dr. Freud, not looking up from his laptop. "The headphones are only to drown out extraneous sound and allow me to concentrate better."
"Oh. What was I saying?"
"You were about to ask Nurse Drycombe to undress the patient with her teeth... ah, perhaps that was just... just... the subtext of what you were telling me...." Dr. Freud's voice trailed away into an embarrassed silence.
"I'm afraid of being ignored," said the patient, his voice low and a hint of a catch in his throat.
"Actually, who are you?" Dr. Freud has cleared his screen of video and was staring at his diary in puzzlement. It was empty all day.
"I'm the man you've been ignoring for the last twenty minutes!" The anguished wail was loaded to overflowing with sarcasm, all of which washed over an oblivious Dr. Freud like warm hollandaise over a Croque Monsieur.
"I should have a client about now," he mused, tapping the refresh icon a couple of times without success. "You should probably leave before they arrive."
"I AM your client!"
"No, I was expecting someone taller," said Dr. Freud finally looking at him. "And... perhaps... less blotchy. Are you here because you're insecure on account of your ugliness?"
"I'm here because I'm scared of being ignored!"
"You can get a cream for the blotchiness," said Dr. Freud. "I'd prescribe it, but I sold my prescription pads the other day. I was eBaying things and I got a little carried away. Perhaps you could beg for some in the street?"
"Beg? For prescription medicines?"
"I think blue's probably not my colour," said Dr. Freud, looking at his trousers. "Do excuse me, I think I need to get a second opinion about this."

Marc said...

Model Horse - everybody needs a good dose of random every now and again :)

Greg - ah, the good doctor is at it again. It's been much too long :D

Drake Davenport said...

I bought The Son of Neptune when it came out Tuesday, and I gotta say, it only took one chapter to get hooked again. Rick Riordan is excellent at weaving comedy and action together in perfect proportions. I'd definitely suggest that for anyone looking for a good book.

I love your 'ignored' story. I know exactly how he feels, too. "Tomorrow" is the reasoning that always comes to me. My approach, of course, is going to be a bit more scifi related, if I can think of anything here...


Not even flies, really. More like gnats.

That's about all the rebel army was to Tarkin. Pests. A little annoyance. How could such a small group do any damage to a station so large?

Within minutes, they would be in range of the rebel base. And then... then it would be all over. No one would be able to stand against the power of this station.

Yet, Vader had still chosen to lead a group of tie fighters against the rebel ships? Why? Did he really think that there was any possibility that the rebels could stop them? It was absurd.

Why waste the resources? It would be better just to ignore them. Ignore the small group of ants trying to stop an elephant. Ignore their squandering of torpedoes on the surface of the ship. Ignore the rumbling building from the center of the Death Star. Ignore the flames erupting all around him. Ignore his folly. Ignore the pain.

modelhorsemad said...

Yes, very true Marc - feel free to call me mhm or model :)

Marc said...

Drake - duly noted and added to my 'to read' list - thanks!

Ooh, Star Wars based writing, nicely done. I've never done any of that. Perhaps I should make an exercise of it, for myself at the very least.

MHM - consider it so :)