Tuesday November 15th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: revenge.

Reading one of my favorite author's latest novels and felt inspired. The Whisperers by John Connolly, in case you were wondering.

Spent a portion of the clear, cool morning chopping firewood. Now I'm sitting in front of our fireplace while some of that wood burns. Mmm, full circle.


A dish best served cold?
Sounds like a game best saved for
a more patient man.

*     *     *

Anger blurs reason.
A direction is chosen
before vision clears.


Anonymous said...

great haiku. i am just finishing The Lovers by JC. never heard of him before, interesting plots, great writing style.

morganna said...

Cold wind comes and blows
'Til we think t'will never go
Then is gone, empty.

Greg said...

@morganna: I think I like your first haiku best today ;-) I like the rhyme in the first two lines, but especially the way it disappears, like the wind, in the third.

@marc: The fireplace sounds nice, though I'm being kept warm by the dog sleeping on my knees. It might not be quite so good, but it's not a bad second place!
I like your first haiku best today too, I think, for the dark sentiment so neatly expressed.

The dice have fallen,
And I have been backgammon'd
"Revanche!" I demand.


They might be tiny –
It's not retaliation
If it's your own kids.

Anonymous said...

ok, my first attempt at haiku (now i feel like i've become cartman, all southpark-esque). i draw this idea from my own astrology chart btw. right, here goes...


Pluto says take not
revenge, although you want to:
it would take you down.

Bow'ls of hell not worth
the risk of being taken;
a future to pay...

Anonymous said...

and another... (unleashed the haiku monster...)

it adds to man's in-
-humanity to man, so
you take not revenge

Marc said...

Writebite - I highly, highly recommend going back to the start of the Charlie Parker series (Every Dead Thing) and go from there.

Also: Louis and Angel might be my favorite characters... ever, haha.

And hurray for the haiku monster! I'm glad you finally gave 'em a shot. I think I like your first one best but they're all quite good :)

Morganna - I think Greg's assessment is bang on, so I won't bother trying to say anything more!

Greg - dog warmth is an excellent alternative to fireplace warmth :D

I've not played backgammon, but that doesn't stop me from liking your first haiku best this week.