Tuesday December 31st, 2013

The exercise:

On this, the final day of 2013, write two haiku about: the passing of another year.

That would be me realizing that on Tuesdays I don't need to put specific labels on the prompts (I just tag them with Haiku Prompt), so I am free to use long, wordy, unwieldy things for writing exercises.

I will try not to abuse this new knowledge.

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope 2013 was a good year for you, and that 2014 is even better. Thanks for dropping by this blog as often as you do, however often that may be. Your support and comments are always appreciated.


One more year slips past,
and as always much too fast -
it's not meant to last.

*     *     *

A new day, new year,
new you? Just by putting up
a new calendar?


Greg said...

Happy New Year to you too! And I hope it's a prosperous and successful new year, for the blog, the farm and your family. Will you be sharing any resolutions with us tomorrow?
My main resolution this year is to be less lazy: I seemed to spend too much time last year being tripped up by tiny things that I could have tidied away much sooner than I did, before they became obstacles. So this year I'm going to pay more attention to things I want to call finished and make sure that they are. Otherwise it's the same as everybody else (eat more chocolate, drink more, swear more, increase the body count, etc.).
I like your second haiku better this time, as it fits in really nicely with the idea of resolutions. And I like it idea that I could be a new person just by changing the calendar :)

Oh, and thank-you for providing this blog, and keeping it going day after day, year after year. I did notice you catching will all the comments yesterday afternoon when I popped by – well done!

the passing of another year
[OK, there's no way of turning six lines into an acrostic for that! But I suppose I can go from OLD to NEW...]

Old Father Time has
Left his son here just as his
Diaper needs changing.

No-one can change it?
Expect the new year to be
Worse than the last one!

Greg said...

Damn, I got the second haiku wrong! It should have been:

No-one can change it?
Expect a crappy new year,
Worse than the last one!

To tie in with the unchanged diaper properly.

Marc said...

Greg - thank you, and much of the same right back to you :)

You've never struck me as being particularly lazy, but that does sound like a very reasonable resolution - so best of luck to you in sticking with it!

You are relentless with your acrostic haiku. Consider me impressed. And slightly favoring your revised second one this week.