Saturday May 10th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the stamp collector.

I had a friend from the bakery helping me with the strawberries this morning and it went pretty well. So much faster when there are two of us working at the same time. I only wish she was available more than just once a week.

But I will gladly take whatever help I can get right now.

In other news: I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow with my family, as we celebrate Kat's second Mother's Day.


My pretty little stickers
From here and there and there;
Trapped in my precious binder,
Not going anywhere.


Greg said...

Did you decide not to repeat the intern position this year then? I realise that I haven't heard you mention it again, but then it was Winter and it would have been hard for someone to live in a tent up in your neck of the woods in those kinds of temperatures! Still, I'm glad you're getting a little help here and there :)
Cute poem, and I suspect you wrote it all down in one go without having to wrestle the rhymes into submission either :)
And Happy Mother's Day, Kat! (I did wonder why I kept seeing references to it when it's been gone for two months over here....)

The stamp collector
Tied and bound, gagged with tape,
Lying on the floor, painfully awake,
Waiting for the next guy to stamp on tender bits,
The informant takes the hits.

Marc said...

Greg - ah yes, I thought I hadn't mentioned that yet. This year we're going through the WWOOF program to find help. We've got two people booked at this point, one arriving later this month and the second in early June.

I was going to say something once we'd confirmed the arrival date of our first helper but that's taking a little longer than expected.

Ah, there was a little bit of wrestling, but not as much as usual. Thanks though!

Your poor informant :( Great take on the prompt by the way, I was not expecting this angle at all :)