Recommended Reading

For Writers

Stephen King - On Writing

Filled with no nonsense advice and inspiring stories.

Natalie Goldberg - Writing Down The Bones

The inspiration for this blog.

Julia Cameron - The Artist's Way

If you find yourself stuck in your writing, this book is meant for you.

General Fiction

John Connolly - Every Dead Thing

Written by my favorite author, this is the first book of his Charlie Parker series.


Matthew Hooton - Deloume Road

I went to high school with Matt, but that's not why this book is on my list. It's on here because it is absolutely fantastic.


Mickey Zucker Reichert - Legend of Nightfall

One of the first books I completely fell in love with. I don't often re-read books, but I've devoured this one more times than I can count.

Patrick deWitt - The Sisters Brothers

A western told from the point of view of one half of the title pair of brothers, Eli Sisters. If you can read this without cheering for poor Eli by the end of the novel then... well, I just don't know about you.


Stephen King - 11/22/63

A time travel tale of one man's attempt to change history. The past, however, does not wish to be changed.

General Non-Fiction


Alisa Smith and J.B. Mackinnon - The 100-Mile Diet

One of the inspirations for Prana Farm, the business I co-own with my wife.

Tony Hawks - Round Ireland with a Fridge

If this book doesn't make you laugh, your funny bone is broken.