Writer For Hire

Do you need something written but don't have the time to do it yourself? Interested in a 100% unique gift? Enjoy my writing and would like a piece custom made for yourself or a friend?

Then I'd like to offer my creative writing services to you.

Give me as much or as little guidance as you wish. Target line numbers for poems, and word or page counts for prose, can be specific or approximate. Any firm deadlines should be communicated at the start.

Project ideas:


* For birthdays
* For anniversaries
* For Valentine's Day
* For any day
* For yourself
* For your kids


* Flash fiction
* Short stories
* Children's stories
* Young adult
* Longer projects

No genre limitations. I've written mystery, comedy, drama, western, horror, romance, sci-fi, action, adventure, and various combinations thereof. And I'm more than willing to write in a new style!

Well, almost no limitations. I'm going to have to say no to smut. If you really want Harry Potter slash fiction you don't have to look too hard for it.

My writing on this blog is generally spur of the moment, often done in five or ten minutes, with little to no editing. If you're interested in seeing some work I invested with more time and effort, here are a few samples:



If you have a project in mind please get in touch and we can work out the price. It's my goal to keep the costs reasonable and fair to both sides.

I'd also like to offer a discount for referrals. So if you send someone my way, that person will get 10% off the final price of their order. Plus you'll get 25% off of your next order. So spread the word!

Additionally, I'm available to edit any creative writing pieces you would like me to look at. Whether it's strictly grammatical assistance you're looking for, or in-depth analysis and suggestions, I'm happy to help any way I can.

Payments can be made either by cheque or PayPal. Editing services will be by the hour, while writing will be for a flat fee.

Finally, I maintain all rights to my works - these orders are meant for gifts or your personal use. They are not meant for commercial use.

I can be reached at eloosive at hotmail dot com