Tuesday April 3rd, 2018

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: repairs.


morganna said...

Rush outside, who calls?
A crumpled shape lies in rocks
Leg bloody, twisted.

Paramedics come
Load her up, adventure is
Done. Despair -- life over.

Hope in hospital
A listening ear, a new
Place to live -- new friends.


Greg said...

@morganna -- and in a rush of haiku your tale is over. I'm quite sad it's ended really, even though I knew it had to sometime.

"Make it better, please."
"Eye repairs are tricky... I'm
Not sure this will work."

Depth perception's for
Everybody else. You're not
Dying -- be grateful!

Marc said...

Morganna - these three haiku make a fine ending for your epic haiku adventure. Well done!

Greg - hah! That second haiku... just a pitch perfect conclusion to the first :)