Wednesday April 18th, 2018

The exercise:

Nirvana Week, day three: In Bloom.


Greg said...

I'm starting to think I should have looked up a list of Nirvana song titles before beginning this -- it's so tempting to make each prompt just the title of a painting, but that feels like cheating.

In bloom
"Trollop," said the elderly lady, possibly talking to herself as she certainly wasn't looking at the red-head who was stood looking at a different painting.
"Harridan," said the red-head, probably just commenting on the artwork in front of her. No-one looked round, or drifted closer, and so Emma came and looked at the painting that Red 5 was considering.
"Hart and Hounds," said Emma quietly. "He says that he knows I'm the editor of the Rebel Voice."
"That's our guy then," said Red 5, equally quietly. "Do you ever miss writing for it?"
"All the time," said Emma. "But after we exposed Wilkerson we couldn't really continue effectively. We beat ourselves, really. I'd expected them to check that it was still being published though."
"Let's hope this is overconfidence then," said Red 5. "I'll go first, let me have 10 minutes to get settled." He raised his voice. "Young lady, when you break wind that unpleasantly you ought to go and see a doctor."
"I'd ask you for a recommendation," said Emma sweetly, "but I expect you see a vet instead."

The Hart and Hounds was a brick pub in the English style, nestled between a taxidermist ("You kill it, we fill it") and a florist ("Come doom, come gloom, we're always in bloom!"), both of which made Emma look back at the gallery and wonder if it had a slogan that she'd missed. Frosted-glass windows let light in without being so crass as to let people see in, and a tall, wide door admitted the patrons. She pushed it open, revealing a spacious, wood-floored room beyond, two-thirds full of people drinking and talking. At first glance she couldn't see the man who wanted to meet her, but the elderly lady stood in the centre of the room holding an overfull brandy glass and glaring about her as though she suspected everyone was a thief and a murderer.

[Sorry, I was going to make this a little longer, but it seems that a lunch-break is a luxury today! :-D]

morganna said...

After a week of walking, the fauns deposited Melanie and Esme in a village. The little faun children came out to stare at the women in torn breeches and boots instead of fur and hooves.

Jenny, the faun Melanie had befriended in the castle, strode out of one of the larger homes. She spoke sneeringly. "Well, little miss rich girl and her maid got here successfully. How'd you like your time with the border patrol?"

Melanie's cheeks bloomed pink with anger and shame. "How dare you trick me like this? What are we doing here? This is not what you led me to believe would happen!"

Marc said...

Greg - hah, but then you'd have missed out on the challenge of dealing with the prompts as they come :)

At first I was sad that they were leaving the gallery, as it would bring an end to the back and forth between Emma and Red. But then Red was still in costume and character at the pub and I was pleased :D

Morganna - yup, still intrigued. Enjoying the slow reveal :)