Monday January 22nd, 2018

The exercise:

Write about something that is: one of a kind.


Greg said...

@Marc: I hoped you'd like the reference to Spirited Away yesterday )
Today we're revisiting what is perhaps less of a character and more of a location, but it's certainly one-of-a-kind.. :)

One of a kind
Tuesday 23rd, Corner of Rose Street where it intersects with Crown Avenue, 4:30pm:Jaywalking. An actual Jay was walking on the pavement and pecking at things it thought might be food. Chased off by running up to it and shouting.

Thursday 25th, Corner of Rose and Crown, 10:48pm:Petty theft. A teenager with more acne than beard complained that his Tom Petty CD had been stolen, and that it was one of a kind. CCTV footage shows him reading about the singer's death on his phone and discarding the CD in the guitar case of a busker. Who has no licence to be busking on that corner so I arrested him and put him in the cells.

Friday 26th, Corner of Rose and Crown, 2:15pm:DUI. Upon arrival a horse-and-buggy had 'collided' with a fire hydrant and a hypnotist was attempting to 'dehypnotise' the buggy's driver. Various bystanders claimed that the driver was hypnotised, not hypnotised, was actually a chicken, and that the horse was actually a chicken. I've arrested all of them and put them in the evidence locker.

Friday 26th, Evidence locker, 6:09pm:Mistreatment of domesticated animals. Why are there sixteen chickens in the evidence locker?

Saturday 27th, Evidence locker, 2:12am:Unauthorised possession of a firearm. Why are there sixteen chickens in the Evidence locker again? And why does one of them have a pistol clutched in their beak?

Saturday 27th, Corner of Rose and Crown, 6:57am:ShopliftingThree men with a crane and several large jacks were found trying to lift the Thrift'E'Mart off its foundations. It's been a long day so I just laughed at them for twenty minutes until they got embarrassed and left.

Monday 29th, Corner of Rose and Crown, 11:38am:Gross Misrepresentation. A very large lady (estimated weight: over 300lbs) complained that she was being impersonated by passers-by and announced loudly that she was one-of-a-kind, unique and original. A passer-by added "redundant" at an appropriate moment. No-one impersonating her could be found, though the same passer-by as earlier said that the circus had just been past.

morganna said...

At the rare animal mart:

Unusual and rare
Never before seen
Individual and beautiful
Quality claw curling
Upper horn longest
Ever seen, you won't regret purchasing this rhinoceros iguana.


KC Edwards said...


I am one of a kind.

There is no one else like.

God made me ME.

I think like me, I act like me, I talk like me.


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I found a canister in the back of my cupboard, hiding behind some old spices. There was no label, but it smelled like some sort of tea—and a hearty tea at that! The power of the smell surprised me, especially since I had no memory of ever getting such tea, or no idea what it was doing away from my other teas.

It tasted like chocolate when I brewed it, with some fruity note I couldn’t quite place. I made it for a friend who came over a few days later, but they claimed to taste some unexpected spice blend. I swore I tasted chocolate and fruit—although the note was more citrus than I remembered—but whatever we tasted, we enjoyed it.

No one has been able to agree on this strange tea’s flavor. I’ve made it for any number of people, even brought it along to a few get-togethers. The larger the gathering, it seems, the less detail anyone can give me about it, but even the vague accounts are different every time. I’ve even noticed different flavors, though with no noticeable pattern to the changes.
There’s probably some direction(s) to take this, but in the meantime hey, sketch about magic tea.

Marc said...

Greg - thank you for bringing us back to this rather eventful corner! Some more great entries here, though perhaps the ones from the evidence locker might actually be my favorites...

Morganna - wow, I can't believe that's an actual thing that exists. Nice work on the acrostic again, by the way.

KC - well said :)

g2 - I like it! It teeters towards creepy at points (so there's that direction), while leaning toward harmlessly mystical (maybe harmlessly isn't the word I'm looking for though...) in others. Yes, there are definitely several ways to go with this, and I would be happy to read about any of them :)

Anonymous said...

One of a Kind

She told me I was “one of a kind” which I took in the best sense, as she was not given to sarcasm. I’m not good at compliments. Oh, I can give them, that’s easy, because I’m a giver (read: martyr, if you will), but receiving them is harder, that’s the test.
You need to get as good as you give, in this case.

I looked at all I had done in my working life... give? God, yes, until my fingers bled, my arms ached and my head felt like to was about to explode; until I had to admit to myself that even I, “one of a kind”, was going to be “one no more” if I didn’t change paths. It was now or never; “change or bust” as I used to so often tell my clients.

I was always there to give them the warning signs - it’s why they came to me.
It was time to heed my own words before the universe royally kicked me in the *** thus enforcing a change. I’d seen it too often in life (so why is it so hard to take one’s own advice?)
... Ego, or fear perhaps; either way it’s about not wanting to stop yet, especially while the going was good - which is exactly what makes one ignore the storm of warning signs inching closer from distant shores, closing it, not like a tsunami, not yet, more like a king tide that just isn’t receding...

So maybe I will go down in [a small segment of] history to a tiny handful of folk that I think I helped, as was my wont. I could’ve helped them more but only if they continue to access the gifts I left behind in my wake. That’s up to them, when and if they’re ready.

...One of a kind?
We ALL are, and that’s the beautiful mystery of life.

Marc said...

Dragonfly - thank you for giving us this view into the goings on of your mind at what is obviously a pivotal time in your life. It is insightful and educational as well, I think.