Tuesday January 30th, 2018

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: a soldier of fortune.


Greg said...

Ok, so you're suspiciously quiet on my suggestion of the hidden theme which makes me think I'm on the right lines ;-) Clearly today's prompt is telling us that you realised that you could turn a profit from your hit-list by finding people willing to pay for each 'delivery'. I'm guessing you got Kat to hand-sew you a suitable uniform though... I don't think Amazon deliver discreetly enough for you to have used them. Which means that Max probably has an identical one since he'd have definitely wanted to look like you if you started wearing ninja gear :)

Soldier of Fortune
Fortune's soldiers march,
Altering the future with
Their every footfall.

Myriad timelines
Are destroyed and re-made and
No-one remembers....

[this is the intended meaning of the acronym today. I considered Hitman for a while, but decided that I wanted something matching Marc's ambitions better :-P]

morganna said...

Riding my white horse
I travel the world. Nowhere,
Everywhere at once.

I used to wait for
My soldier of fortune, now
I wait for death.

The last line is 1 syllable short but I'd rather go for the dramatic than mess with it.

Anonymous said...

morganna: stunning!

Soldier of Fortune 2 haiku

gold pieces of eight
not silver, as you would think
knight’s lance drawn to kill

the mercenary -
she’s armed to the hilt, waiting
don’t look now, she’ll shoot

Marc said...

Greg - while I like the idea of your guesswork, especially the matching ninja outfits, I'm sad to report you were incorrect :)

Hah, that's a hell of an acrostic for this prompt. I really like your second, in particular that final line. It just conveys so much.

Morganna - I fully agree with your decision on your second :)

Dragonfly - tough to pick a favorite between these two. Maybe the first, but it's dang close.