Tuesday January 9th, 2018

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the spa.


Greg said...

I don't seem to have used characters much for haiku, possibly because seventeen syllables is really not a lot to create and maintain characters through, and possibly because Morganna does haiku so much better than me that I still feel like I'm learning. So I'm not going to try and go back to existing characters for these :)

The spa
Sulphur, mud.... People
Pay for this? I want to be
Attractive, damn it!

Daddy's spa day is
A once-a-year chance to do
Yoga (so badly...)

Marc said...

Greg - I think haiku Tuesday can be the exception to your rule for this month :)

I didn't even notice your acrostic until I just thought to check to see if you'd done one. So well done on that front.

I have to go with your second as my fav this week. Even though I did not do yoga (badly or otherwise), I appreciated that you had some inkling that I'd gone for my once a year spa visit (thanks to a Christmas gift certificate).