Friday December 29th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about something that is: treacherous.


Greg said...

"That ice outside the post office is treacherous," said Jolene, shaking her umbrella off in the corner of Hooligans hair salon. "It's already emailed the police about that business that Mr. Griffiths had with the aubergines and tipped off the government about Sandra's 'overtime'. I'm just waiting for it to invite the Russian to run the country, next."
"Who's idea was it to add the weather to the Internet of Things anyway?" asked Jolene.

Marc said...

Greg - no Lion :(

But then, I've only just caught up on what you've been writing, so I didn't give you a prompt that would push you in Lion's direction. I shall strive to do better on Sunday!

Anyway. The ice being literally treacherous is a brilliant take on the prompt. We are currently dealing with a snowfall that lasted about a full day, so I'm fully convinced that the ice on the roads out there is just as nefarious as the stuff in your tale.

Olivia Edens said...

Have you ever been to Michigan? Most of my life was spent living in the unpredictable land known as The Mitten. I know why Michigan is shaped like a mitten, it is a reminder to always have winter accessories when visiting. Once, it hailed in July. Also, it's probably because Michigan is known for its long and irregular winters. Snow up to your knees, black ice, and winds that seem to greet you every time you step outside. In pictures it looks beautiful, but only in pictures where you don't have to experience the cracked dry knuckles and runny noses.

Marc said...

Olivia - I lived in southern Ontario for eight years (age 3 to 11), so I have a pretty good idea of what you're talking about. I remember walking to kindergarten the day after a blizzard. Actually, I think the snow might still have been falling... anyway. Says something about the region that nobody thought to cancel school for the day.

Also: I've gotten the cracked dry knuckles here in Osoyoos for part every winter since I've moved here. The. Worst.