Friday March 2nd, 2018

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: a welcome surprise.


Greg said...

Hmm, a welcome surprise after a scandal? That seems like the kind of happy ending neither of really write about ;-)
Thank-you for locating the original globe post for me: it's nice to know that I'm not actually losing my mind.

A welcome surprise
"So darling, it seems that the ducks are now all laying golden eggs."
"Well that's a very welcome surprise!"
"The bad news is that they have fangs, the fangs seem to be poisonous, and I think I'm dying."
"Two welcome surprises in one day!"

Marc said...

Greg - I suspect I shall be referring back to this post some time in the next couple of months. We shall see. At some point most definitely though.

Oh, you're probably losing your mind. This just wasn't an example of it happening... :D

Hah, that final line. Nicely done :)