Tuesday March 13th, 2018

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the virus.

Everybody in the house is sick with colds at the moment. We had a good run through January and February. It was bound to end eventually...


morganna said...

Sneaky, it moves in
Without your permission to
Hijack replicators.

Anonymous said...

morganna, love it


the virus

he opened and logged
on his favourite program
it crashed - data lost

someone coughed near her,
she sneezed into a tissue
too late, virus caught

Greg said...

@Morganna: beautiful and scientific at the same time! Great work :)

@DragonflyOracle: I think I prefer your second haiku today, though it's a close contest. The ease of transmission of a transmission is nicely captured.

@Marc: I'm pretty sure that zero lines of zero syllables isn't a haiku :-P

The virus
If The Virus is
No superhero, what does
"Fight for your life" mean?

Every nanobot
Craves life. Viral machines, too
Tiny to see, kill.

Marc said...

Morganna - nice one :)

Dragonfly - yeah, that second one. Stupid contagiousness... huh, didn't expect that to actually be a word.

Greg - zero... I'll haiku you, you bastard :P

I like both of yours,
though the first best thanks to the
funny tale it tells