Saturday March 10th, 2018

The exercise:

Write a four line poem inspired by:

Usually I go for a walk along the river after lunch in Oliver before I pick Max up to bring him home from play school. This is one of the sights by the trail.


Greg said...

It looks nice in the picture, though it also looks like the kind of place you might warn children to stay away from after the evening starts, or in winter. Of course, you're going to reveal next that this is another place you sit and write... ;-) By the way, what is going on with the building in the background? It looks like either the fence is partially covered with posters, or there's a very odd graveyard taking shape!

The sights by the trail
We gather every evening to hear another tale
Of the things that she encounters when she walks the country trail.
The wooden hut where dreams all died, the cornfield mown and left,
The efflorescent graveyard and the mother now bereft.

Anonymous said...

Pic prompt 3- old shack on a farm field continuance

There was no where else to go and their feelings were urgent
Risking stings by the bees in the background, she held her blond adonis close and let him do his best
Love in this poor shack was the best yet and he was hell-bent
On having her back in his life - she granted his request.

Marc said...

Greg - or at all, really. And I'll have to take a look next time I'm out there, as I can't make it out from the picture either and I can't remember noticing that when I was there.

Either way, you've managed a lovely poem out of all that mystery.

Dragonfly - woo! Wasn't expecting you to be able to use this picture as as a continuation of what you and Greg started the last couple days. Consider me impressed.

Anonymous said...

Marc: haha, it felt incomplete if I didn’t, so I did :) I stretched the picture and saw bee boxes in the background, hence the reference.