Friday March 30th, 2018

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: a good day.


Greg said...

I hope the prompt is because you're having a good day and not wishing for one! Hopefully Good Friday was... well, good :)

A good day
Marlon heaved himself onto a bar stood that was a tiny bit too high -- his feet dangled just enough above the ground that he could reach it with his toes if he stretched -- and nodded at Zeke, the barman, who started pulling a pint of Rickard's Red.
"The skinny thug's getting himself arrested," he said, gesturing outside with a thumb. "Apparently he's selling used tires that were more like abused. He's telling the Chief now that they're not Goodyear, they're... Good-day."

Marc said...

Greg - honestly can't remember what sort of day I had. Prompt was holiday inspired :)

Ah, skinny thug. Always finding inventive new ways to get himself in trouble...