Friday November 11th, 2011

The exercise:

What with today being 11/11/11, I figured we'd go with four lines of prose about: one by one.

Today I spread wood shavings, rototilled, and raked up the walnut tree leaves in our front yard.

Tonight is my first Friday night at home without a market to go to in the morning since May 27th.

Tomorrow morning I sleep.


It was simple, really. He just had to go through the list, one by one. Take care of the first, then the second, and so on until his work was finished.

Then, once he'd reached the final name and all those men were dead, he could rest at last.


Greg said...

Just saying that you're planning on sleeping in tomorrow tempts the universe to send small mammals to create an unholy racket outside your window you know....
Did you spot which of your stories I lifted MacDoozle from yesterday, btw?
Your protagonist today seems to have OCD, but in a highly commendable way! The slightly menacing tone of the piece works very well.

One by one
"And so the animals went into the Ark one by one," said Miss Devonport, just as the bell rang. "Class dismissed!"
"Two by two, my foot," she muttered to herself, closing the textbook up as the children scampered for the door. "That would just lead to hanky-panky!"

Anonymous said...

One by One

One by one equals one.
Buy one, get one free, you still only bought one.
You are the one, I am one.
We are all One if one by one is one.

not my best but it's late here:)
m: yeah, i did the last as a 2part so it'd fit the comments box:)

Marc said...

Greg - thankfully the universe restrained itself :P

Oh! MacDoozle! I recognized the name but assumed he'd cropped up in one of your previous comments. Now I get it, and I highly approve :D

Your last line made me smile.

Writebite - late writing is always better than no writing :)

I like the cyclical nature, plus that last line is just fun to read out loud.