Tuesday November 29th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the moving company.

I got a couple hours of work helping a lady move yesterday and earned a bit of cash and a writing prompt to boot. I'm still hoping and looking for something a bit more regular, but jobs like that certainly help in the meantime.


One's on crutches, the
other's ninety - of course they
charge by the hour.

*     *     *

The constant smoke breaks
I can sort of understand.
The beer breaks, less so.


Greg said...

I'm now firmly on the side of hiring people to do the moving for me. I moved enough times during eight years of university to put me off it for life, and I'd rather save up the money to pay someone to lift and carry for hours on end.
And it sounds like you're making a profit from doing just that! Is it easier than the farming?
I like both haiku equally this week: both made me smile for slightly different reasons, and I kind of want beer breaks for all jobs now.

The moving company
Very elusive,
The moving company hides
From its customers.


Our van is quite small
We only move light-weight things
And we mock you too!

Anonymous said...

The Movers - haiku

glass and crystal packed 
in plastic, boxed and labelled
shipped to our new home;

how funny you chose 
a title for me reflects
the next stage of dreams

Cathryn Leigh said...

~true story~ :}
mother-in-law packed
written notes for us to read
when we unpacked

~for military brats~
another four years
military paid moving
and new friends to make

@Marc: I think I used your prompt a little loosely, but I hope you can forgive me.

@Greg: I lol'd at your concept of the moving company as one that doesn't stay in one place. :}

Brittany said...

Hello, just recently I helped a friend move and I still feel sore!
Here are my haiku!

In succession, to
and fro, they go back and forth,
staking boxes high.


Heave! Ho! They lift the
couch. One man on each end and
they scrape my new paint.

Marc said...

Greg - easier, but less satisfying :)

Love your first haiku this week!

Writebite - lovely sentiment in your second one.

Elor - nothing to forgive! And that's a sweet thing to do; certainly makes unpacking more pleasant :)

Brittany - yeah, I tweaked something in my wrist during the move, but it doesn't seem to be all that bad.

I could picture your first one perfectly, and the second made me cringe with that final line :)

Anonymous said...

marc, literally...you chose a title that syncs with my next stage, we hope to move soon-ish:)

Aaron said...

Busted these out before I wrote the conclusion to Eden. Soon I will be caught up. I had a similar idea to greg but since I wrote it before I read his here it is. I love all the variety of haikus.

The moving company

I wanted a job
But when I went to find one
A sign said they moved.

Lift from your hips, men
Do you mean use our legs, boss
What? Less talk, more lift!

I thought poorly of them
The men who moved all our things
They Scratched the good chair

Marc said...

Writebite - a big move or staying in the same area?

Aaron - I like that even though you had a similar idea to Greg, you expressed it quite differently. And it made me smile just as much as his, so good stuff!