Thursday November 3rd, 2011

The exercise:

Kat and I are off to Vancouver for a quick visit with friends, be back on Sunday. I'm scheduling posts to cover me in my absence, as I'm not sure what my internet access will be like.

Anyway, let's get 'er started with: evidence.


My technique is flawless. It's taken years of polish, but my criminal empire cannot be demolished. Certainly not by that bumbling Detective Wallace!

He cannot see what is plain to me. The way I climbed that tree, entered through there without a key, played briefly with the daughter's stuffed honeybee, strolled this hallway while whistling off-key. Though I think he might finally have a list of all the things I got for free.

This crime spree will never cease, he will never find peace - I am a mastermind unleashed! The evidence I leave behind will only increase, but that doesn't matter when you're the Chief of Police.


Greg said...

Ah, one your of prose-as-poetry pieces; I do enjoy these. And it explains the slightly bizarre stuffed honeybee detail!

Madame Sosotris still has her bad cold,
And she sniffs as the policeman waits.
The rain drips from the gutters
And onto the flowers she hates.
The policeman hands her the evidence,
Bagged up and sealed tight with glue,
And Madame Sosotris asks all the spirits,
What the evidence was once used to do.
"I can see a small house,
On the banks of a dried-up stream."
Her eyes have rolled up inside her head,
And she speaks as though in a dream.
"Someone has died inside this house,
They were stabbed over forty-nine times,
Oh... but there's more," she says,
"There's been more than a hundred crimes."
When she finally gives an address,
The policeman is polite and arrests her,
The address is of her own house,
So he think she's just a confessor.

writebite said...

very clever greg.


Good banter, easy laughter, humorous wit; a wealth of words written with love - it's evident she's happy.
Muscles rippling, running, jumping, it's evident she's fit.
Baby cooing, crawling, trying new things, it's evident he's developing.

Marc said...

Greg - bizarre, but still legit damn it!

Enjoyed the story within the poem. I also liked that the policeman 'thinks' she's a confessor - leaves open the possibility she's not.

Writebite - enjoyed each angle on the prompt, but the last one in particular.