Friday November 4th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the struggle.

Off in Vancouver to see friends, be back on Sunday.


He had struggled mightily to stay awake, sacrificing cup after cup of foul coffee in the effort. Victory seemed assured until defeat arrived out of nowhere, like a lightning bolt from a clear blue sky. The telephone pole had moved like a ninja, he'd told the frowning policeman with the pen and writing pad.

Now, surveying the wreckage as the fire crew began packing up to head home, he wondered if he'd ever be allowed to drive the school bus again.


Anonymous said...

The Struggle

The rattle was just out of reach. One more oomph! and he would get there. Distractions lay along the way as the floor was strewn with toys of many colours. Crawling could be a bit of a struggle for the seven month old baby, but with persistence he would reach his goal.

Greg said...

@writebite: Great choice of subject matter!

@Marc: Telephone poles are sleeper agents: they frequently seem not to move for years at a time and then suddenly leap out at a driver, so that no-one will believe their story.

The struggle
Leslie daFox sighed as he drew a big red cross through yet another homework paper, and wondered why the class struggled so much with his assignments. This time he'd only asked them to write four hundred words – less than an anecdote! – in the style of the Irish write Janet O'Steen. He winced a little; Harry Potter slash fiction as written by a mother-hater had been a struggle to read as well. He sighed, and decided to end his struggle: he poured lighter fluid on the rest of the homework and ignited it.

[Ref: Janet O'Steen]

Greg said...

Sorry, that link should be: Janet O'Steen. It seems that blogspot has a bit of an issue with capitalisation!

Anonymous said... always have the most unusual humorous take on things; great! (write bite slash world of exp.)

Marc said...

Writebite - I agree with Greg, very nicely done.

Greg - I've always suspected as much.

I think Leslie's solution was the right choice for the situation.

Anonymous said...

cheers! inspired by watching a little one.