Tuesday November 8th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: early morning.

Spent the day working on writing projects and chopping wood. Sounds like a good winter day to me. Too bad it's still fall, for crying out loud.


The purest silence,
the sun's first tentative touch;
I watch and wonder.

*     *     *

I'm sure it's quite nice
and all that, but don't ask me -
I slept right through it.


Greg said...

I like your second haiku best today, Marc :) I'll come by tomorrow and comment properly then; today's a bit too busy and I'm a bit too tired, sorry :(


Anonymous said...

I'm no good at haiku but I really liked that one today marc.

Jordan Rockerbie said...

beaut, love the style differences between the two, despite both being haiku. also: i read tentative as tentacle the first time through. def changed the mood, some. note to self: sleep more.


Daylight flashes white
but fades just as quick to black,
lightning before dawn.


Light stabs at my eyes,
pokes me, prods me, incessant.
Should have shut the blinds.

Greg said...

Ok, still tired but it's nearly bedtime :) Let's see what we can do.

Early morning
Dress'd entire in black,
It seems I misread your note
As Early Mourning.

The city is best
When everyone else still sleeps,
One early morning.

@Jordan: I think I like your second haiku best; I've been there!

@Writebite: I'm no good at haiku either, but Marc keeps making me try and improve every week :)

Anonymous said...

greg...ha! love your haiku, btw, i share the sentiment.

Marc said...

Writebite - practice makes something something... ;)

JorJack - thanks very much! And... I think I actually prefer it with tentacle in there :D

Two great haiku, really loved the imagery in the first.

Greg - get some sleep!

Also, I agree with your second haiku as well.

Anonymous said...

I love yours Jordan.
I will stay in bed
And creep under the covers
Until it warms up

The phone is ringing
I don't want to answer it
I will stay in bed

My dog is snoring
Not ready to start the day
Just like me I guess

I should get up now
And take a long hot shower
Be presentable

Alas, the sun shines
Reminding me of new starts
I begin again

I will do my chores
And be a good wife and mom
I am blessed with love

I have four daughters
They are my life and my joy
I have two great sons

My husband is great
Married for twenty five years
I think I'll keep him

I love to create
I enjoy my studio
I always find calm

Paint, pastels, paper
What will I create today
Only my heart knows

Again I will sleep
At the end of a long day
Under my warm wool blanket

I will thank my God
For my blessings in this life
And priase his good works

Just another day
In the life of a housewife
Nothing is better

(Sorry it's so long, I just started and it kept going)

I am determined to get back to writing. I even started a blog to keep track of my progress. I'm sl glad I found your website. Thanks again.

Marc said...

Marissa - welcome! I'm glad you found the blog and I hope it proves useful.

And absolutely no need to apologize for length - who am I to tell you when to stop, right? :D

"I think I'll keep him" was definitely my favorite line :)