Saturday April 14th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: lasers.

Back in Osoyoos, safe and sound, after a fun couple of days in Vancouver with friends.

Note that I didn't say back home. That's because I'm not - we're up on the mountain housesitting again. Will share more pictures of the view over the course of the week, as it is still amazing.


His massive evil laser
Will cut your agents in half.
Does he expect them to talk?
Do you even have to ask?


Greg said...

Housesitting on the mountain sounds like a prompt in its own right! Is the housesitting with the horses, or am I getting confused?
Heh, love the James Bond reference in your four lines today!

I bounced a laser off the moon
To find how far away it was,
It set fire to an alien room,
And so started a war for us.

[Side note: one of the moon landings left a reflector or two on the moon so you can actually bounce a laser off them to determine how far away it is from earth.]

writebite said...

good one greg, i did not know that!


The classical concert had lasers
That moved in time with the beat
That's better than cops with tazers
That'll turn you into fried meat.

Cathryn Leigh said...

There once was a man with a Laser
Who said it worked like a Taser
To the subjects dismay
He was shredded that day

okay so I felt like a limerick and took the rhyme of laser with taser from writebite and couldn't think of a last line. :P Besides, it's four line poetry day not five *MUAHAHA HA HA He!*
(Oh and I'm typing this on my birthday, shall I add I've had a bit of wine to my list of excuses *giggles*)

Alfred liked the red pointer.
Margaret liked the blue.
Jenny wanted the green one.
My the professor had to use glue!

Don't ask... I'll stop now as I'm a bit hyper, trying to fit all my loves into one day

Krystin Scott said...


The lights go off and the door closes
Then speakers blare Guns and Roses
Laser lights dance along to the tune
But the show ended much to soon!

Marc said...

Greg - it is indeed with the horses. I'll share a picture of them on Monday, unless I forget.

Oopsies. One must be careful with how one shoots lasers.

Writebite - yes, I'll take classical music over deadly cops any day of the week :)

Cathryn - happy birthday! I hope you had a good one :)

Two four line poems? I feel as though I'm the one getting the gift!

Krystin - hah, sounds like quite the show.

Have you ever experienced a laser light show? I'm just curious as I haven't and I wonder how entertaining it actually is.

Krystin Scott said...

Marc, as a matter a fact I have. My parents took my sister and I to two planetarium concerts. Guns and Roses and Led Zepplin in the mid to late 80s. There is no band just recorded music played really loud in a large dome. Its a complete blackout the the mutiple colored lasers dance all around. The only thing I can relate it to is a hollow/unshaded animated graphic. At the guns and roses show i remember a part where a plant sprouted and grew before your eyes then blossomed into a rose which withered and died. For the time, it was an incredible sight. Of course its different now tech. has advanced so much its not as impressive. But i still think youd appreciate the show.