Saturday April 28th, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: names.

Potted up a whole lot of tomatoes this afternoon. I suspect that in my dreams tonight, the tomatoes shall pot me up.

Thanks for all the kind words yesterday. The due date is November 9th, which leaves me plenty of time to finish freaking out about it.


No, absolutely not!
That name won't do at all!
You must pick another -
That's the name of my doll!

Inspired by the four year old daughter of one of Kat's friends. They came for a visit today and Kat mentioned one of the names we're thinking about if we have a girl and that, from what I can gather, was essentially the response.


Greg said...

Heh, children have some interesting ideas about names! You can kind of see, from talking to them, where the notions of true names, and names having power over people, came from.
I'm sure, dreams or no, that potting up the tomatoes was worth it! I picked up a couple of tiny micro-greens growers at my local market farmers' market yesterday. Apparently I set up the little collapsible greenhouse (a tray with a clear plastic over, add water, and it all goes. I think it's like growing cress on cotton wool, but I'm getting radishes and mustard-and-cress :)

She's sweet but slightly dizzy,
She gets things wrong in funny ways,
And she hates it when we name them for her,
"It's not another of Annabel's-days!"

Anonymous said...

in honour of seinfeld... (and a play on words)...
they named him seven
their child from heaven
not kevin or bevan or even teven
mickey's number - the mantle bore seven

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Haha, my friends had a similar discussion about their possible future child... She likes the name Reilly, he doesn't because it was the name of a dog he knew (I don't think it was even his dog).


In writing I don't tend towards names like
Matt, Pete, or Bella,
Instead I go for odd names like
Itzhak and Stella.

I did write a story for class with those names... Itzhak was originally Tycho (after Brahe the astronomer because I'm a massive nerd), but I couldn't get the story to work with Tycho, so I changed him so much that he wasn't Tycho anymore, so I gave this new character an equally odd, slightly less nerdy name Itzhak (the only reason I know the name exists is because it's the first name of a famous violinist.)

Anonymous said...

Marc- My identity was not meant to be a secret. My google accounts are down and I haven't had time to figure out why. But is does make for a fun little mystery don't you think?

My daughter much prefers to name her baby dolls after living people. We have Ruby, Saul, Baby, and a few others (all names of friend's children). We also have two dolls with no names because there hasn't been any new babies born since she received them. Do let me know what you picked so I can stop calling the dolls by their clothing choices of the day.

Alas, I do not write poetry or haiku, but I had been gone so long I had forgotten which days they fell on.

Krystin Scott said...



The meaning of a name
Calls forth some power.
Chose one to proclaim
Within the birthing hour.


Marc - dedicated to Mars, the god of war????? Funny, you always stuck me as such a peaceful fellow :0)

Greg - One who is vigilant; watchful..... Hum Why am I not suprised.

Anonymous said...

what should we call our kitten Maxwell , Fighter , Ginger , Apolo. What about Sophia no no no we cant call our cat sophia or Maxwell because Sophia is my friends name and Maxwell is for a dog. I like Apolo or maybe instead of fighter ,Little fighter because it sounds better and when its older can be shortend to make fighter.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, she had a few suggestions as well but Kat can't remember them.

I love how much I know about your 'sweet but slightly dizzy' girl just from those first three lines :D

Writebite - a fitting tribute :)

g2 - good to hear from you again!

I'm all for using memorable names, I just have a hard time coming up with them :P

Anon - hmmph :P

Haha, that's a great naming system :D

Krystin - hah, Greg's name is much more appropriate.

Also: I wouldn't be surprised if we don't settle on one until the very last moment...

Anon - little fighter sounds like an excellent choice to me :)

Cathryn Leigh said...

LOL G2 my old boss's boss was named Itzhak! I'd never heard anyone else use it before (or sing until now).

Anyway where was I ah... yes naming the baby - her'es what you do. feel ffree to gather suggestion, but never offer up the name you think you want until after the child is born - people will find reasons to hate the name until it belongs to the kid. Once it belong to the kid they feel horrible if they said something bad about it. - that's what we did any way...

Our daughter is named apptly;
Fair skin, freckles and red hair.
For if she was any more Irish,
She'd have to have been born there!

More than one person has told us - she really looks like her name (that I'm not mentioning *grins*) And it looks like my son isn't getting a poem today, oh well.

Marc said...

Cathryn - yeah, I've no intention of telling anyone until it's official. If Kat and I are happy with it, that's all that matters to me.

It's always nice when a name works out as well as that. And I guess he'll get next Saturday, to make things fair :)