Tuesday April 3rd, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku about: fast food.

I was searching the blog to see if I'd used that one before and came across a poem I wrote back in 2008 that happened to include both of those words. And... yeah. I wouldn't say it was bad. But I might suggest that I've improved a lot since then.


Maybe it's not food,
but it certainly is fast -
as least they're half right.

*     *     *

Give me a large fries,
two cheeseburgers, a muffin...
and a Diet Coke.


Greg said...

Shouldn't you have linked us to your poem from 2008? I think you must be referring to this one. :)
Re yesterday and your narrator: you said Q was doomed too, and look how long it took you to blow him up and (probably) kill him :-P
I like your second haiku best today, mostly because my (French!) colleague who sits next to me does exactly that when he goes to McDonald's.

Fast food
What oxymoron
Put fast and food together?
I'm starving right now!


For Lent I gave up
Christianity. Fasting
Is for other folk.

Anonymous said...

greg...ha! i love it!

fast-food haiku

bananas and eggs
make fast food that's healthier
better than Macca's

food in a transport
truck on the way to the shop
a fast hundred klicks

Iron Bess said...

@Marc - love the diet coke reference, so true, so true. I never could understand it myself.
@Greg - love your second one best. Too funny.
@Writebite - excellent, love the hint of the environmental concern in your second one.

Here's mine.

Malnourished and fat,
an oxymoron but true.
The culprit, fast food.

* * *

Their bloated stomachs
show the starving children there.
Need food, fast not slow.

Krystin Scott said...

I apologize for the first one...


Eat Taco Bell, Then
Make a run for the border.
Don't forget the fan.


You call this stuff food?
Tiny pieces of .... Chicken?
Drenched in Canola.

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc and Greg – well if the protagonist has useful skills Travers might take pity and turn him into a Pirate. Travers isn’t as ruthless, and never will be, as his father – “the dread pirate Roberts (for lack of better name)” - from my 2011 NaNovel. :}

Fast Food

When did they change up
The large is now the small
It’s too much for me

They’re unhealthy meals
Food I hate to eat now
Once a childhood treat

Anonymous said...

Fast Food

They suggest it's 'fast'.
Calories disguised as food
I'll take mine slow thanks.

'Define Fast' she said.
Faster than getting take out,
And, it's really food!

Marc said...

Greg - yup, that's the one. Should've known you would've tracked it down :P

Love, love, love your second haiku :D

Writebite - I think you totally nailed it with your second one.

Iron Bess - people confuse me on a daily basis. You'd think I'd be used to it by now.

Enjoyed your first one, and that's a great twist on the prompt in your second.

Krystin - hah, apology accepted. Great middle line in your second one :)

Cathryn - sounds like a potential collab :D

I can relate to both of those. My body is grateful for my changing (maturing?) taste buds.

GZ - I'll take mine slow as well :)