Tuesday April 24th, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku on: loneliness/solitude.

You can do one on each, two on both, or two on either one - up to you.

At ten o'clock tonight it was still twenty degrees outside. I could get used to these summer evenings in April...


Standing ovation
fails to penetrate sadness;
hollow victory.

*     *     *

Wilderness retreat
leaves crowds, work, stress far behind;
peaceful oasis.


Anonymous said...

marc, very poignant

loneliness/solitude haiku

beach shack on the shore
waves lolling hypnotise you
meditative peace

no one around here
to disturb the inner peace
lonely? or alone?

Krystin Scott said...

Quiet, Dark, Scary,
Turning at every sound,
Where are the others?


Basking in the sun,
On a cushioned by window,
Laying, Book in hand.


@Marc - There is a story to be found in your first one.. It begs the question - What happened to that guy/girl ?

@WB - Proving once and for all solitude is not nec. a bad thing!

Krystin Scott said...

Note: I hope Greg gets back soon, I am not getting much use of my dictionary and wikipedia with him gone. =)

morganna said...

Days turn into weeks
Weeks into months, I cannot write
Lonely amidst life.

Who can feel lonely
When a smiling pansy face
Greets her at the door?

Cathryn Leigh said...

Loneliness Hero
Hiding Loneliness
Seeking out the enemy
Gimpstar is waiting

Thinking, heart breaking
Twining, twirling, swirling thought
My companion gone

Tree standing alone
Grass and flowers surrounding
Solace underneath

Three for two today. The first one is a reference to my gaming days. Me playing Loneliness Hero and my hubby playing Gimpstar Protagonist. It was fun. the next two are more serious atempts at proper haikus. One for heartbreaking loneliness and the other for peaceful solitude. :}

Iron Bess said...

Help me I'm stuck on homonyms. LOL

Mourning with morning
Don has now gone with the dawn.
He blew into blue.

Deathhead solitude
in a world of azure dreams
water cleans in waves.

Marc said...

Writebite - love the peaceful atmosphere of your first one.

Krystin - great final line in your first one.

And yes, I miss Greg as well. I believe he said he'd be back either today or tomorrow though.

Morganna - two excellent haiku. That smiling pansy brings a smile to my face as well :)

Cathryn - three great haiku, it's tough to pick a fav. Perhaps the last one, but just by a hair.

Iron Bess - oh dear, there's no turning back from that!

That's a rather sad haiku you've managed to pull off, despite playing with homonyms. That's quite the feat!