Saturday April 7th, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the top dog.

This afternoon the Rangers lost their game, opening the door for the Canucks to take home tops in the NHL this regular season. Then while Vancouver's was playing tonight St. Louis won their game, so the Canucks needed at least a point to secure both the Western Conference's top seed and first overall.

They did one better, coming away with two points from a 3-0 victory.

Playoffs begin either Wednesday or Thursday night in Vancouver, with the Los Angeles Kings coming to town for a best of seven opening round series. Let's get this party started.


First place is quite the feat,
Standing atop this unstable mound;
But now everybody
Is shooting to drag you back down.


Greg said...

Woohoo! So the Canucks are exactly where you wanted them to be, and just have to keep up this good work now. Piece of cake, surely...?
Today's poem is a great little delivery on the problem with being first – everyone sees you as the target. I rather like the unstable mound image.

The top dog
East Wallingford's dog groomers
Build pyramids of well-groomed hounds,
But the top dog has a fear of heights,
And the pyramid comes tumbling down.

[If you're curious, this is the East Wallingford Chronicle.]

Anonymous said...

This here ailment is pretty much smacking the living daylights out of me. I think I'm managing today only because of the merciful four line limit. We'll see how I manage in the upcoming few days. I've opted to go elsewhere with our Apex Pooch analogy.

I would not trust that there top dog,
Piled atop that mound of flesh.
The vendor of that tube of hog,
Placed it there cause it's 'least fresh'.

Krystin Scott said...

I'm king of the hill
Said Jack with a thrill
But with a push he was found
At the bottom of the mound

Marc said...

Greg - ah, thanks for the EWC reminder. There's so much goodness in that collab :D

GZ - ugh, I hope you get the better of it soon.

Haha, nice twist on the take, not to mention very solid advice :)

Krystin - I always suspected there was a push involved in that little incident...