Saturday September 22nd, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem which must begin with: Cooking in the kitchen with...

End the opening line as you wish and then use the other three lines to tie it all together. Inspired by the amount of fun I had making a stir-fry for dinner this evening. It's really one of my favorite dishes to make, as there's lots of room to get creative with ingredients.

Bit of a slow market this morning, but still a decent one. Things should pick up again next week since we'll have our first selection of Ambrosia apples, which are always popular.


Cooking in the kitchen with me,
There's one thing so plain to see:
If you don't like my culinary play,
Best shut up and get out the way.


Greg said...

Stir fries are fantastic, as they can be different every time, and (as you already said) they're great for using up things that are getting old, or where there's not enough to serve everybody otherwise. I did chicken, ginger, water chestnut and lotus root myself yesterday :)
Your cook sounds aggress^H^H^H^H^H^H^H enthusiastic in the kitchen! I think it's a sentiment shared by all cooks though: anyone daft enough to stand in my kitchen when I'm cooking is given something to peel or stir :)

Cooking in the kitchen
Cooking in the kitchen with the Easter Bunny
Should have be a laugh, should have been funny,
But when he discovered his eggs were for dessert,
He spent the whole evening looking sad and hurt.

Marc said...

Greg - I did garlic, carrots, broccoli, patty pan, diced up beef smokie, and a little bit of leftover shrimp. Oh, and some Chinese greens too.

Ah, poor Bunny. Not quite what he signed up for, I imagine!

Cathryn Leigh said...

A day late, but no dollar short (though the money is going to school lunches today... *grins*)

Cooking in the Kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen with three,
My children are making a mess with me.
But what else is cookie dough for?
Than cutting out and eating more.

It actually took me a while to toss out my 'thing must be just so' in order to allow my kids into the kitchen. I still stress, but try not to take it out on them, and calen up later when Dadddy has them disctracted. My son still eat more cookie dough than he cuts out, but my daughter's at the point where she wants to make one of every cookie cutter I have. :}

Marc said...

Cathryn - I can sympathize with the mess that must create, but it certainly sounds worth it :D

Cute little poem, too - totally sums it up!