Tuesday September 11th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: time.

Very, very strange to think that the events of 9/11 were eleven years ago today. Seems both too long ago and not nearly long enough at the exact same time.

Spent the day harvesting and organizing for our local orders and box program. There are only five more box program days remaining in our inaugural season. I'd say it's been a successful experiment, with lots learned and many things we'll do differently next year.

I'd also say I'm about ready to be done with it for this year. It's been a long go.


Time passes us by,
each second the same as the
last - or so they say.

*     *     *

The distance between
now and then depends upon
my sobriety.


Anonymous said...

only got one tonight...

time, past or future
it matters not, for it is
the now that is real

Greg said...

@writebite: I think more people could stand to remember what your haiku says!

@Marc: You still sound happy about your choice to become a farmer though, and I think that's the most telling thing that comes through from your posts about it. I think most things can be improved, and little goes perfectly first time, but it does sound like you're all ready to roll out "Box program 2.0" next year with brand new features and functionality.
Huh. I may be spending too much time Product Managing at the moment.
I like your second haiku best today, even though the first one is elegantly true.

Time stands still in here:
Humanity's Museum,
An alien trap.

My watch is fast by
Five minutes: Time enough to
Never be late now.

Jordan Jack Rockerbie said...

How long have I sat
inert, un-moving, stopped;
the Earth moves for me.

The sun to my left,
now moving, now disappeared.
So this is a day.

Aholiab said...


Midwife’s waiting room
Minutes are hours, baby cries
Hours become minutes

Feather duster sweeps
Layers of history fly
I see Dad’s portrait

Jess Harris said...

As soon as i read "time" this first line came into my head. Sorry i couldn't keep to the haiku!


I keep my time by dandelion,
It might seem strange to some,
And though be it woe when summer comes,
I shan’t be lost for long.

Marc said...

Writebite - only one, but it is a good one :)

Couldn't agree with it more. Just wish I could remember it more :P

Greg - ugh, office work flashbacks.

I wish your second haiku was true - then I might actually be on time once in a while!

JorJack - 'the Earth moves for me', what a great line! Love it.

Aholiab - really like what you're able to capture in your first haiku, and how you went about doing it. Has a nice, subtle touch to it.

Jess - that's an excellent first line, I'm glad you didn't abandon it just because it didn't fit the format!

Quite like the rhythm of the overall poem as well. Nicely done :)