Tuesday September 25th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: toughness.

Or, follow my lead and write a Double Haiku*.

*No, I have no idea if that's actually a thing, and if it is whether or not it's actually called that. I could look it up, but I'm lazy. So... yeah.

This morning I finally got around to putting some nets over our remaining corn. Hopefully that will keep the cobs protected from those friggin' crows, since throwing tomatoes from halfway across the garden wasn't really doing the trick.

Well, I mean it worked temporarily, but they kept coming back. I'm looking for a longer term solution here.


So you think you're tough?
Let me tell you something, kid.
Listen up real good:

I've been killing men
since you were swimming around
in your daddy's balls.


Greg said...

I think the tomato assault is a great method of crow-control, but I suppose it does rely on you spending all day in the garden armed with tomatoes. Crows seem to quite wary of dogs (even my dog!) so maybe you could just get one of them? Now would be the right time, so that it views the baby as a sibling rather than a competitor :)
Heh, your double haiku gets the idea of toughness across rather nicely. Are you channeling Ben and Red again?

You said you would cook,
I am regretting that now.
Your ice-cream is tough.

Tough love for your kids
Ensures that when you get old
Your nursing home sucks.

Brittany said...

Hello again! Long time no see :) Good luck with the crows. They're smart creatures and they always find a way to bother someone...


The muscles stretch and
contract, but bones stay rigid; tough, never bending.

Leaves falling on the
sidewalk; trees toughen against
the coming winter.

Marc said...

Greg - oh dear, we certainly do want a dog at some point; we've just decided one new addition to the family is more than enough for now.

Tough ice cream is a rather impressive accomplishment! And your second is rather frighteningly true...

Brittany - hello right back at you! I hope you've been well.

Love the imagery in your second haiku, very vivid.

Brittany said...

I've been well. And you?

Marc said...

Brittany - good to hear!

I've been busy but good. Perhaps that should be busy *and* good.

Either way :P