Thursday September 27th, 2012

The exercise:

Tell me a little something about: the crew.

I wrote mine in a small coffee shop in Penticton while I was waiting for Kat to finish her appointment with a chiropractor, who was hopefully sorting out her sore hips. As of tomorrow she'll be at 34 weeks, so it's not surprising that things might need a little readjusting at this point.

Currently having some fun with my photography. Will share details once I finally finish getting organized.


Dusty Evans sat in his office and waited for the phone to ring. It should have rung ten minutes ago, but he wasn't worried. Not yet.

Another five minutes of silence would likely change that.

He rose from behind his desk - an antique he'd picked up years earlier on a business trip to Italy - and moved slowly to stand at his window. He'd intended to gaze down upon the mindless ants clogging the sidewalks thirty-five floors below, but instead found himself staring at his reflection again.

Where did all those grey hairs come from? I know I'm not a young man anymore, but surely this is too soon? I wonder how old Jessica thinks I am...

Dusty had hired Jessica the previous week to replace his last secretary. Melissa had been a little too chatty for her own good and a decision had been made about her future.

The phone came to life at last, fourteen minutes after the arranged time. Dusty brought the receiver to his ear and remained silent.

"Boss, it's Charles."

"I thought I asked David to -"

"Yeah, but I'm the only one left," Charles cut in, rather unwisely. "Dave and the rest of the crew all got busted by the cops."


Greg said...

Hope Kat is feeling better!
Dusty seems like he need a bit more space to tell his story; we know where he is, now it'd be nice to know where he's going!

The crew
"Mavis, why is my office full of people?"
"Oh, George! I didn't realise you were back yet! Well –"
"Is it a surprise party? Did I ruin things?"
"– it... no, George. No. Why would we be having a party?"
"'s my birthday?"
"No George. Your birthday is in May."
"Oh. Oh, well why is my office full of people then?"
"You told me to get you a crew before you left. You weren't very precise, again George, but given our current projects I figured you probably wanted a crew for the Regatta next week."
"... oh. I said I needed a screw, Mavis."
"... for my glasses."
"Oh. Oh George...."

Cathryn Leigh said...

Poor Kat, but she is nearing the end (My coworker will be at 36 weeks, aka full term) this weekend.

So here's another wish for a happy and healthy baby for the both of you.

As to you're crews - very interesting takes. :} For me racahel's spaceship and it's occupants came to mind. She's having a refelctive moment apparently. *grins*

The Crew of AFB-019

She had a crew. Rachael was finding it hard to get that sorted out in her head. And two of them were her own kids, which meant no more walking naked to the shower. Running into Adam that one morning had proven that. Poor kid had gone read from head to toe and quickly turned away.

She’d heard him telling Lupita and Inez about it at breakfast that morning. Then that afternoon a robe appeared on her bed. No note or anything and she couldn’t be sure who’d had it made. Inez probably did the programming of the Replicator for it, but who put her up to it, Rachael could only guess. Not Adam, but Lupita or Michael. Father and Daughter got along just the way she and her Dad used to.

That thought brought tears to her eyes and her fingers ran across the panel before her. Pictures of her childhood appeared on her screen. Mom, Dad, her little brother, captain Robert and the Ensign. A half smile touched her lips. Poor kid. He’d been five years older than her, yet at 14 she’d been trying woe him. Course, at the time, she’d no idea it had been due to her Nueri hormones.

Her hands flicked over the panel, scrolling through. In a way her crew now wasn’t much different from the crew back then. Two children, a young adult and then the adults.

The roles were mixed up a bit more. She and Adam covered what Captain Robert used to do. Michael and Inez handled the business end, which, and she couldn’t remember exactly, her mother or father did. Lupita, Rachael smiled, Lupita was her, only better, because she hadn’t been shat on the way Rachael had.

And Lupita, Rachael smiled as she stopped at a picture, Lupita had brought a revolution to completion, freeing those who had been slaves and avenging her grand parents killing.

“Is that...” Lupita’s soft voice broke into Rachael’s thought.

“Where you were born,” Rachael completed and turned her smile on her daughter. “Yes.”

Rachael stood, leaving the images up for the woman to peruse, suddenly desiring Michael’s company. They might not be the most faithful of couples, but their hearts belonged together, and this crew, despite its oddness at times, belonged together, righting the wrongs of the Universe, one planet at a time.

Marc said...

Greg - hahaha, I quite like Mavis and George. Lots of potential with these two :D

Cathryn - thanks, the finish line is definitely in sight now.

Quite enjoyed that. I feel like I have a better feel for Rachael and her story now :)