Friday February 20th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose that have something to do with: the motorcycle.

Went for coffee/snack time and then groceries with the little man this morning. Probably should have reversed that order if I wanted a less hectic time in the grocery store. The longer he's out, the more comfortable he is being out.

Which leads to things like insisting on having his own basket to carry around and wandering off to 'check something over here'.

We managed to get most things we needed in the end, at any rate.

This afternoon I managed to make a little more progress on my novel revisions. Tiny step by tiny step.


The roar of the engine as it starts reverberates around our neighbourhood almost every single morning. We all know where it's coming from - it's almost comforting in its predictability and reliability. I suspect more than a few homes use its rumble as their alarm clock.

The little boy calls his four wheel ride on toy his motorcycle, and who are we to argue - especially when he's become so good at the sound effects that go with it?


Greg said...

Do you put things in Max's basket for him to carry as well? And does he then take them out if he doesn't like them, or they're not for him? :)
It sounds like you had an adventuresome day then, and survived it too! Well done. And well done on the novel revisions too; as you say, it's tiny step by tiny step.
Heh, I think I can guess who you're writing about today, and that does sound more entertaining than annoying even if it is almost every morning!

The motorcycle
"And what star-sign are you?" asked the brunette with twinkling eyes, the eighteenth of the speed-daters to have asked him this.
"Harley," he said, still managing to keep his smile from becoming a sneer and wondering if they were all going to ask exactly the same questions this evening?
"I don't think I know that one," she said, her forehead creasing prettily as she frowned, "and I'm an astrologer."
"Harley, the Motorcycle," he said, still grinning.

Marc said...

Greg - he usually starts off putting things in his basket. Then I take them out and start suggesting things we actually need (and that he likes, if at all possible). He generally goes along with it.

And I may have exaggerated the volume level of his sound effects. But his calling his toy a motorcycle was definitely the inspiration for the prompt :)

Heh, I think your fellow may not be in the right spot to find a date :D