Monday February 2nd, 2015

The exercise:

Write about something that has been: recycled.

Hrmm. So maybe Max wasn't sick originally after all? Maybe I brought this cold into the house? And now he's getting it from me? And I'm giving it to Kat as well?

Stupid cold.

Still on the road to recovery. It would be nice if I could at least get healthy before it fully hits Kat, if it ends up doing that. Ideally we'll all get better together, but... you know how these things can go.

Afternoons seem to be my best time, so I took advantage of it to take Max into Penticton to run a couple errands and give Kat a break. This morning I was supposed to go out and take pictures but I wasn't really feeling up to it. Plus it was cloudy out, so I wasn't feeling super inspired.

Hoping to switch picture day to later in the week, assuming everyone starts feeling better soon.


He stands on the stage, only a microphone on a worryingly thin stand separating him from the audience. The show has been going on for a while, it is late, they are drunk, and they are growing rowdier and more vocal by the second.

And they are waiting for him to speak. To entertain them. Make them laugh, in ways that the four comedians who came before him had not. To bring their night to a delightful, or at the very least acceptable, conclusion.

He remains silent, though. His thoughts are racing each other around in dizzying circles but none manage to escape from behind his lips. He scans the room, swallows hard. It is an effort to not look back over his shoulder, seeking escape.

Something. He has to say something. Just start and the rest will follow.

But let us be honest for a moment. If it is not too uncomfortable for you. For it is not the opening that is the problem. He knows this. It is all that follows.

All that stale, unoriginal, recycled material he calls his routine.


Greg said...

You're now patient zero? Naughty Marc! But still, I hope that you are all feeling better soon and that it doesn't take you all down at the same time.
I'm in training all day today, and this morning I've learned to have Courageous Conversations. This afternoon is U-turn Performance, so come this evening I shall be scanning the streets home looking for delinquent youths and homeless people to manage and turn their lives around :)
Heh, your poor comedian doesn't sound like he stands much of a chance up there on the stage! The build-up is really nicely done, although it feels like you defuse it a little at the end with the punchline. I guess that's necessary, since otherwise it would need to be a fair bit longer, but allow me to feel a little let down that I don't get to see more!

"I rode my bike again today," said Phil. "Exactly the same route as yesterday morning, exactly the same amount of time. I started with the wheels in exactly the same position too; I marked them with a dot of paint. And I even managed to just miss running down the same squirrel!"
"So what you're saying," said Nick with a smirk, "is that you... recycled?"

ivybennet said...

Oh no! I hope you all feel better!


“No! Please!”
He laughed. “No one can save you now! For I am the great overlord Todd, master of everything the light touches. You have made me mad. Prepare to die!”
“But I have so much more to live for!”
“And now you’ll have so much more to die for. For making me mad, you will be…recycled!”
Someone banged on the door. “Todd? Why are you in the garage? You’re not playing in the recyclables again, are you?”
Todd huffed as he stared at the plastic bottles and old newspapers around him. “No?”
“Come in and do your homework.”
“Yes Mom.” Leaving the items where they were, he scooped up his black power ranger and skulked into the house.

morganna said...

Ivy, love yours -- I can just see it. :)

No clue what my poem means ... it just happened.
Redone, reused
Changing into
Your new
Little by little

Marc said...

Greg - oh, how I do enjoy those training titles. World changers, to be certain.

Ah, Greg. You punny, punny man :P

Ivybennet - thank you! Me too.

Great little scene. For some reason that question mark after 'No' is my favorite part of it :)

Morganna - hmm, definitely open to interpretation. But I like it! It has sent my mind a wanderin'...