Tuesday February 10th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku that have something to do with: aversion.

All right, I finished Mr. Mercedes this afternoon. Hopefully my writing inspiration will come from brighter places now.

It's a really great book, by the way. I haven't read much by Stephen King but from what I have seen he is an excellent storyteller. I realize this is not groundbreaking news, but I'd steered clear of his work since I have little to no interest in the horror genre. There were maybe three scenes that really turned my stomach during this tale, otherwise it was good fun of the detective, mystery, thriller type.

I'm still feeling mostly healthy and Max is hopefully only a day or two away from the same. I can't wait to take him back to the play cafe again, as he's really been missing it during this illness.


Baby screaming like
world is ending. Soother found.
Crisis averted.

*     *     *

They said she doesn't
like mushrooms. I ignored them...
now my kitchen burns.


Greg said...

Well your first haiku is a little brighter, but that second one is still just a touch bleak :) King is actually quite good at psychological horror when he wants to be, and he's definitely good at capturing the essence of people, but he never seems to quite be able to give the gore up :)
I think I like your second haiku better today, even though you're burning down a kitchen, you philistine!

Snakes, snakes, everywhere!
It's aversion therapy...
I avoid my home.

She likes throwing things,
I like not seeing doctors,
A match made in hell.

[Just in case you've relented, adopted Mr. Wriggles to help him survive the winter, and read this blog to him, I still like snakes but I thought spiders were too pedestrian for the first haiku.]

morganna said...

I think these 2 haiku are inspired by something (somewhere) the hero of Lamentations encounters during his travels.
Avoid, avoid! 'Ware
The danger! Avoid, avoid!
Beware the full moon!

In full moon light, men
Turn green and grow hairy pox.
Beware the full moon!

Pr. Kurt Hagen said...

languid embrace deprives my work
of needed rigor.

Shudder to think: small,
gray pelt, beady eyes, sharp teeth,
tiny paws - vermin.

Anonymous said...

To look at his face,
No matter how clean shaven,
Causes bile to churn.

Even just a whiff
Of lavender will cause it.
No more steel stomach.

Marc said...

Greg - I apologize for the kitchen incident :P

Hah, really like the humour in your second haiku. Also: fat chance on the Mr. Wriggles front.

Morganna - gah, I still need to read that. Sorry, I'll get to it soon.

Some great imagery in your second one. Just makes me want to see more of this world!

Pr. Kurt - hello and welcome to the blog! I hope you find it useful.

Okay, I can relate to both of your poems far too well. Leaning toward liking the first one just a little bit more, thanks to your delightful word choice.

Ivybennet - hah, your first would be very intriguing without the second to clarify things. For some reason that seems to make it my favorite of the two :)