Tuesday February 24th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: narcolepsy.

Eh, seemed appropriate with all the late night naps I've been having.

Brought Max back to the local library for story time this morning. The librarian read a few bedtime themed children's books and then I helped Max make a night sky (black paper, glued on a white moon, placed an abundance of sticker stars, drew a face on the moon, and then continued to draw all over the place as Max saw fit).

This afternoon we had a Skype chat with my parents, who we will be visiting in... oh hey, exactly two weeks today. That's coming up pretty quick all of a sudden.

Wanted to share this picture I took of Max at the play cafe yesterday - a rare moment alone in the bouncy castle:

I know Max will love living a five minute walk from Kat's parents once we're back in Osoyoos, but I'm also certain he'll be less than thrilled at being so far away from this fun wonderland.


A comfortable
seat, nice music... and now he's
out behind the wheel

*     *     *

They say I have a
problem. I say they should make
things more interesting.


Greg said...

I really like the colours in the picture, and the way a sense of loneliness collides with the wicked smile on Max's face. It's a really good one, and I especially like that it was by chance and not planned and posed :)
Well, you can always erect a bouncy castle of your own back in Osoyoos, and maybe coerce a grandparent into being a librarian and craft teacher? Or take the Dallas approach and tell Max that Kelowna was all just a beautiful dream :)
Or... and this is definitely left-field, open your own coffee-bar and childrentertainment centre as part of Prana Farm!
I like your second haiku better today because I agree with it completely, but the first one is amusingly horrifying :)

He's Italian, and
We call him Marcolepsy
...he's always sleeping.

I thought it was fine,
Under control, until I
Fell asleep swimming.

morganna said...

She's fascinating
I'm sure but I just can't keep
My eyes open more

Just a sec I closed
My eyes -- it was the entree
But now it's dessert.

Anonymous said...

My eyes slipping shut,
My head bobbing left and right.
There I go again.

I can only wish
To stay awake long enough
To finish the show.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks! It definitely took a few tries to capture what I wanted, but I'm quite pleased with the result.

I actually saw a fellow dad from Osoyoos at the play cafe last time we were there and we were talking about how our town needs something like that. Pretty sure I won't be the one to bring it here though :P

Oh dear, falling asleep swimming sounds... troublesome.

Morganna - hah, I really like the scene your second haiku puts in my head. That's cleverly done!

Ivybennet - finish the show, finish the post... I can relate :P