Saturday February 28th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something or someone that is: timid.

All right, the caulking is over and done with. Such a frickin' messy job.

So what's left for the bathroom reno? Put in the shelves we bought this morning, construct a proper patch in the ceiling for the attic access, and paint. I think that's it. Oh, and make a little mini-shower curtain for the window, in order to keep water from collecting in there when we shower.

Almost there. Thankfully. Though I'm pretty sure Max would like it to go on for at least another year.

He was literally running around the house this afternoon, bringing tools out, 'fixing' things with them, and then rushing off to put them away so he could grab another one. It's hard to send him away when he gets so excited, but at some point it's far too much trouble having him around if we want to actually get any work done. Or too dangerous.

The plan tomorrow is to get our first seeds of the year started in the greenhouse. Because, somehow or another, it's that time of year again.


They kept urging him not to be
As timid as his old man,
So he sucker punched the bully...
Then he ran and ran and ran.


Greg said...

Nearly there with the bathroom! You'll be so pleased when it's all done and you can simply use it for its intended purpose once more :)
Max sounds adorable, though I can completely see how he runs the risk of getting hurt when there's real work going on in there.
And wow, it's crop-planting time again! I hope you avoid the insect that caused you so much trouble last year :)
Heh, I like how your poem ends; it's a neat little demonstration that leopards rarely change their spots :)

He liked to talk of appropriate caution,
Of reconnaissance and knowing every limit.
But his satellites and laser range finders
Didn't stop him from being called timid.

Greg said...

Hi Amber!
Welcome to Marc's blog, and thank-you for joining in with the writing! I have to say, I was also very agitated when Marc put this post up because I've been wondering what on earth "timid" could mean as well, for absolutely ages now! My dictionary isn't very good, you see, (see previous posts I've made here excerpting from it) and it was insistent that timid was simply a way of describing someone who called themselves Tim.
Marc invites us all to write more on the subject, and though your questions are undeniably welcome and thought-provoking, have you had no ideas or revelations from Marc's words that you'd care to share with us yourself? We like to think of ourselves as a little community here ("You don't have to write to post here, but if you don't then... we're... going to have a hard time understanding you?") and we'd love you to be one of us. One of us. ONE OF US.
Ahem. Sorry, I don't know what came over me there. Well, on to the critique!
I'm not much for modern poetry and I found it very hard to understand what rhyme scheme you'd chosen at first, until I realised that you'd obviously started off with anapaest and dactyls in Classical Greek and then translated it for the rest of us. Thank-you so much! My classical Greek is ropy at best. Nonetheless, you have exceeded the four line limit (Marc can be very strict) and even after translating back I think that your rhymes are really only half-rhymes, something that would have made Aeschylus bite through his paint-brush. However, we're all here to improve, and I'm sure you'll do better next time!

[OK, if you delete what Amber posted then you'll have to delete this too, but hopefully you'll enjoy it]

Anonymous said...

Greg, that was an amazing response! I kind of hope this remains on the thread, actually.


Words freeze upon my tongue,
Weighing down the organ.
My cheeks blush deep crimson
As I think about telling you.

Marc said...

Greg - no way in hell I'm deleting that response, even though I deleted the spam post that inspired it. Too good to throw away.

Anyway. Yes, very, very much looking forward to having a completed bathroom.

Man, if laser range finders can't rid you of the timid label I don't know what will!

Ivybennet - pretty sure I was going to keep it before reading your comment, but once I did I pretty much had to :)

Oh. Man. This is like my high school life summed up in four lines. Nicely captured :P