Friday July 17th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the repair.

We're bringing a little bit of a lot of different things to the market tomorrow. Our first nectarines (just 5 crates), Sunrise apples (2.5 crates), our first peaches (woo, half a crate...), a handful of red plums, a handful of our final variety of apricots, 8 heads of cabbage, 7 cucumbers, 9 lemon cucumbers, 4 zucchini, 3 pints of cherry tomatoes, 10 (I think) onions, and a few handfuls of freshly cleaned garlic.

The only thing we have of any real abundance is blackberries, but 36 pints doesn't seem like a huge amount after the kind of numbers we were pulling out of the strawberry patch.

Regardless, hopefully it all works together to add up to a reasonable market. It'll be nice to be back after skipping last week either way.


"Hey man, do you mind if I borrow your truck again?"

"Yours isn't still in the garage, is it?"

"Yeah, it should be ready any day now."

"But it's been almost a year now - and all it needs is a new tail light!"


Greg said...

Thirty-six pints of strawberries sounds like a lot to me! And I think variety looks good on a stall too, which you've definitely got. Hope it all goes well for you!
Heh, that is a long time for that particular repair... must be hard to get the replacement part ;-)

The repair
The repairman scratched his head and drew his breath in through his teeth so sharply that he cut his gums. "It's gonna cost you," he said in a spray of blood, "I ain't seen damage like that since... well, since World War II if I'm honest."
"It's a bloody desk calculator!" said Jim, his anger naked and open on his face.
"Yeah, with a stapler pinning the hole-punch in place and someone's finger where the 'equals' key oughtta be...."

Anonymous said...

“Clamp!” I shouted, scrambling for some way to stop the bleeping bleeding. My first attempt at open heart surgery, and everything was going tragically wrong! There was no way Kevin was going to ever let me live this one down.
“Dad,” Kevin said from the other side of the kitchen table, “It’s not real Operation.”

Marc said...

Greg - that is quite the repairman. Then again, that sounds like quite the repair job... so they should match up nicely!

Ivy - hah, nice take on the prompt. I can relate to how stressful that game can be (I never particularly enjoyed playing it to be honest).