Friday July 31st, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose that have something to do with: once in a blue moon.

Today was my fifth wedding anniversary. Really, really doesn't feel like that long. Kat and I celebrated by picking blackberries together this morning (we're also planning on properly celebrating it by going out for dinner on Sunday night).

We didn't get very many pints, but we did just pick on Wednesday. They're definitely on the decline, but that's all right - we've got lots of nectarines and apples for tomorrow's market, along with peaches, tomatoes, cabbages, onions, garlic, and cucumbers.

I'm taking Rebecca with me again this week, so Kat and Max will be spending the morning with Sue around Osoyoos (I suspect a trip to the beach will be involved at some point). Then she'll begin the trek home to Calgary after lunch.

It's been nice having her here for a bit of a longer visit than usual, but unsurprisingly it still feels too short.


"Don't you think that this is getting a little dangerous?"

"Oh come on, you know we'll never get caught!"

"I don't know, with technology these days improving by leaps and bounds it seems like a good time for an objective discussion of-"

"It doesn't matter how powerful their telescopes are - humans will never look closely enough to realize that their precious moon turns blue whenever us smurfs gather for our picnic party on the moon."


Greg said...

Happy Anniversary!
Hah, I bet Sue's glad to be able to go to the beach instead of the market :) It sounds like you've got plenty to sell at the market though, so I'm sure you'll be kept busy yourself.
That's... definitely not the explanation for a blue moon that I was expecting! It's a good one though, and one I'm sure I'll remember the next time I see a blue moon (curiously enough I saw one last night... ah, I think I know where you got the inspiration from now!).

Once in a blue moon
"I've tidied my room, mom!" Janice bounded into the kitchen like a hyperactive puppy, a huge grin on her face. Her mother raised an eyebrow, and then checked the calendar.
"Yes," she said thoughtfully, "there is a blue moon tonight."

Marc said...

Greg - thanks :)

Heh, I like how untypically ordinary this scene is. I say untypically because normally I'd expect something... I don't know, darker or stranger from you :)