Tuesday July 28th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the buzz.

Spent this morning picking blackberries for the bakery, which I delivered (along with ten pounds each of nectarines and peaches) after lunch. Just as I was leaving to do that the cooler repairman arrived (yup, we swallowed that rather pricey bullet) so that should be up and running again tomorrow morning.

Which is good, because tomorrow evening we'll be attending our first Osoyoos farmers market since we started doing this six years ago.

They added a mid-week night market (in addition to their Saturday morning market which runs at the same time as the much busier and more profitable Penticton market) last year. We'd tried to get in before but had to get insurance figured out, as they require each vendor to have their own coverage rather than including it in the membership price like Penticton does. And that didn't get in place until it was too late to bother with.

But we're ready and raring to go for tomorrow evening. We'll pick the rest of the blackberries in the morning, along with whatever veggies we decide to bring along and some peaches, nectarines, and apples from Kat's parents. We're not bringing nearly as much as what we'd do for Penticton, but I'm curious to see how exactly it ends up going.

Also: my sister Sue is arriving midday, which is exciting. And I'll probably drag her along to help out at the market because I'm such a good brother.


Are you lost, soldier?
Follow the buzzing; it will
lead you to glory.

*     *     *

A buzz is going
around this fake, plastic town:
you're the next big star!


Greg said...

I guess the cooler will pay for itself in terms of less lost produce when not everything sells at the markets, but that kind of capital cost is always painful in the short term. Let's hope the repairman provides a decent warranty for his repairs!
And good luck with the additional market, it sounds like it could be fun! And might just help the cooler pay for itself a little faster :)
I think I like your first haiku better this week, for all I'm not sure I really understand it. Perhaps that element of enigma is why it's appealing though!

The buzz
My machine's working!
Zzub, zzub! The bees fly backwards,
Remmus has returned.

Cold fog from Spring skies.
People cluster, worry, fret.
The buzz is bad news.

morganna said...

Busy, busy buzz
Busy bees take pollen back
To the buzzing hive.

Marc said...

Greg - my first was meant to be about the buzzing of flies and such things around the dead bodies on a battlefield. Follow the buzzing to find the battle that will lead to the soldier's inevitable death. That sort of thing. Hope I didn't ruin it by explaining it!

I quite like your first one this week. Remmus was a nice touch :)

Morganna - part of my brain wants to make 'buzz' and 'hive' rhyme. I'm telling that part to hush.