Wednesday July 1st, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: space powers.

I have no idea what you guys are going to do with that. If you're in the same boat, feel free to find some inspiration in my tale below.

July 1st is Canada Day in these parts and we actually, factually, honestly took the whole day off. This morning we took Max and Rebecca to the Canada Day Parade that runs down Main Street here in Osoyoos and they both enjoyed it. Max's highlights included bubbles, horses, firetrucks, and getting to wave one of the little Canadian flags that people were giving out.

Afterward we had a picnic at the beach before returning home. Rebecca headed off to Kelowna shortly after that, where she is surprising a friend and spending the night. Kat and I watched a little bit of the fireworks tonight from our front window.

I'm sure one day Max will stay up late enough for all of us to enjoy the full experience.


Right. The water bombers.

The action began picking up around the time Max was getting ready for bed. Kat ended up not having much luck convincing him to sleep, for various reasons, so he kept coming out on the deck where Rebecca and I were chatting and watching the planes come in and do their work.

I can't remember if it was Rebecca or I who pointed out the planes to Max. I do remember his response.

"Oh!" He jumped up, reaching skyward. "I can't reach them!"

No, young sir, you most certainly cannot.

A few more attempts at sleep later he was back out again. This time he was insisting on wearing his hat, gardening gloves, backpack, and boots. Otherwise he only had on his diaper. Why?

"I'm going to go up in the sky and get the plane and bring it down here and then put it back up again!"

I really should have taken a picture, but it was late and I didn't want to encourage him. Though, of course, he wasn't done yet.

"I need my space powers to go up in the sky and get the plane and bring it down here and then put it back up again. Can you get me my space powers?"

"I have no idea what your space powers are or what they look like," I replied, as straight-faced as I could manage. "Where are they?"

"In the living room."

I went and had a look and found nothing especially promising in the space powers category. I grabbed some Lego and hoped for the best.

"Are these your space powers?"

"Yeah!" Two second pause. "Oh, no! These aren't right."

"You're going to have to get them yourself then."


He took his boots off, went into the kitchen for a few moments, then returned carrying the magnets he had made with Rebecca a couple days previous. Apparently the magnets give him space powers(?).

We, somehow, managed to get him asleep not long after that. The planes were still safely in the sky, doing their fire fighting work without interruption.


Greg said...

Happy America's Hat Day! It sounds like you made the most of it, though I'm looking forward to the year that Canada decides to invade America for Canada Day, wins a swift, three-day war, and then renames Independence Day as "Bow to your new owners" day. Though, thinking about it, it would probably actually have a "please" in there somewhere too.
Heh, I like Max's plan to get a plane from the sky with his space powers, and I'm very disappointed that you didn't try harder to help him. I shall bring Mr. Wriggles back into all of my writing if this situation doesn't improve :-P He does sound very sweet though, but I can see why you might have been pleased to get him into bed after that, to dream of water bombers and space powers.

Space powers
-Uh, you smokin' bro?-
-Dave? I can't understand a word you're texting-
-Reread your last text, bro. You sound non compos mentis-
-Still not following, old chap. Do you speak the Queen's English perchance?-
-Since you started running all your words together without a pause. I'm showing off... my space powers!-
-My mother's incarcerated, Dave. She's doing 15-20 for aggravated burglary and assault with what the Judge-
-described as a 'specialised fetish'-
-Tough breaks, bro. Be nice to her. Oh, and she's a stickler for proper English :)-

Marc said...

Greg - Please bow to your new owners Day has a nice ring to it, now that you mention it...

Oh man, yeah... I bet he had some pretty awesome dreams that night.

That's a fantastic take on the prompt, and the execution is brilliant. Really enjoyed this new view on the Vince and Dave relationship :D