Tuesday June 30th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the informant.

Since it was such a small pick for locals this morning I took care of it by myself (with a little help from Kat last night when she collected two thirds of the raspberries we needed). That freed up Kat to take Max up to Penticton to run several errands.

While they were gone I harvested the remaining raspberries, three heads of broccoli, three bunches of carrots, two cabbages, two bags of salad mix, and two bags of kale. I also put together a ten pound order of apricots. Unfortunately I didn't finish early enough to get some weeding done, but at least I was out of the heat before noon.

Max had a little nap on the way back home, which meant he fell asleep tonight around 10, instead of his usual 7 (I'm not sure how a half hour nap pushes his bedtime back by three hours, but whatever). So the three of us went out to the garden after dinner to weed and mulch and eat strawberries.

The eating was mostly Max. Though he did manage to stuff one in my mouth while I was mulching.


I'm an informant,
so don't you dare call me a
dirty little snitch

*     *     *

I'll drop the dime on
any friend of mine - so, yeah,
I'll hide the body...


Greg said...

That sounds like a modest harvest! And it's very sweet of Max to be feeding you while you work; he's clearly concerned that you're wasting away :) What time is sunset up where you are then? It's about 9:30 here at the moment, but it sounds like you're getting more light for longer.
I think I like your second haiku better today, probably for the hidden rhyme!

The Informant
The newspaper lies:
Autumn mist hides informants
Who tell me the truth.

Horses run at ten,
Cherry blossom decks the course,
The Informant wins.

No acrostic this week (I'm tempted to tell you its an anagram and see how long you take trying to find a real word in there, but that might be mean).

morganna said...

He'll spill anything
So don't let him know when the
Great escape is planned.

Mommy! Mommy! Come!
The dog is eating me now
She licked my right hand!!

Marc said...

Greg - yes, he's quite good about sharing his food. Sometimes too good...

Sundown is around 9pm, but the light lingers until close to 10. At that point it is much too dark to see anything clearly in the garden. When Kat works evenings she's usually in by 9:30, though that is shifting toward 9 now that the days are growing shorter again.

Really like your first one this week. The image of the informants hiding in the mist is great. And I saw that there was more writing after the haiku so I assumed it was an acrostic... I'm glad I gave up on it fairly quickly and just read what you had to say :P

Morganna - hah, have to go with your second one this week. I feel like it's only a matter of time before that scene plays out around here :)