Saturday June 6th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: balancing.

So we ended up with 52 pints of strawberries, as Kat's dad was helping us pick yesterday and his pints needed some topping up. We had another 3 set aside for a friend and 2 pints of raspberries set aside for an extremely loyal customer, which left 49 pints of strawberries and 9 pints of raspberries on the table to start the day.

They were all gone by 8:50.

Just a quick reminder: the market opens at 8:30.

Nuts. Utterly nuts. Shame we didn't have more, but I'm hopeful that with a warm week of weather ahead of us we'll have better numbers next Saturday.

The rest of the market was pretty slow (most anything would be after that start) but we did manage to sell some more tomato and pepper plants, along with a few Moroccan mint plants. When we got home from the market we tossed the remaining tomato plants, as we have enough for our garden and there's really no use in continuing to bring them to market at this point.

Plus, you know, next weekend we'll have cherries for the first time and that will keep us plenty busy.


Serenely swaying down the street,
A full water jug on her head;
Not a single drop will be spilled,
Or her husband will see red.


Greg said...

So I guess you're going to be parking as close to the entrance of the market as possible since you'll be turning up for just the first hour, selling out, and then going home again from now on? That is nice and fast on the soft fruit, and I really don't think the cherries will sell any slower, so it sounds like your fruit's gathered a reputation now :)
Your poem made me smile today, but that last line is just a tiny bit sinister... I can see how a longer tale of mistreatment and revenge might arise. But... was this inspired by anything you saw at the market?

Her life is like a full dinner service of plates,
Each precariously balanced, spinning on a pole,
And she runs from one thing to the next,
Praying that each is the final goal.

Anonymous said...

Left brain, right brain, reason, dreaming.
I spend my days with science and fact
But my nights are lost in magic and love.
This road beneath me is hard to walk.

Marc said...

Greg - hah, not quite. We have our regular spot, which is much too far from the end of the market for us to escape from without notice :P Plus I'm an eternal optimist about selling my cards and prints (sometimes).

Not inspired by anything I saw, just an image that came to mind shortly after I decided on the prompt.

That seems like a rather... hectic lifestyle. Perhaps the final goal shall come soon?

Ivy - that is a delightful personality summation! I think the middle two lines are my favorite, though that final line is top notch as well.