Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something: soggy.

Yup, we got rained on this morning. All morning. It continued on throughout the day, but the morning was the problematic part as that was when we were out picking strawberries. It's still raining as I type this, actually.

Both Kat and I went through two sets of clothing as we attempted to stay somewhat dry and somewhat warm. It worked long enough to get the majority of the berries picked, but then we both reached a point where we'd had enough.

We got enough to fill our local orders, with another 11 pounds leftover for the bakery. It would have been nice to get a few more (I'm guessing four or five pounds were left out there) for them, but we still did pretty well considering the conditions.

The weather is supposed to get hot and dry again by Thursday, so hopefully the market pick will be a little more... pleasant.


A morning in the
rain leads to comparisons
to mad drowning rats

*     *     *

More Dada. More please.
Just a lit- no! Too much milk!
Need new cereal.


Greg said...

That's a pretty impressive pick! Sounds like you need some kind of umbrella for this kind of thing, a picnic umbrella that has it's own stand that you can drag along the rows as you pick :) Or maybe just get Max to hold the umbrella over you both while you pick!
I can't actually choose between your haiku this week, so I'm calling it a draw. I did stumble with the second one for a moment, as I expected Dada to the be artistic movement, not what Max calls you :)

Autumn clouds shed tears,
Land below, like human hearts,
Lies soggy and leaks.

Winter brings no rain,
Even soggy things dry up
Thirst prowls the cities.

[Not a good acrostic today, but I guess it works]

morganna said...

What soggy means to Little Bear
Mommy was sick last night
Yucky all over my fur
Into the spinny bath!

Round and round with sheets
Now I'm all wet and soggy
Waiting to dry out.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, dog?
Why must you always lick my
My school assignments?

I clean the counter,
But hold all that I pick up.
Like that spilled milk? Yep.

Marc said...

Greg - I still feel like a retractable dome over the entire farm is the best solution. That might be dreaming a tad big though...

Yeah, Max calls me Dada though there were some artistic liberties with that one. He doesn't eat cereal, but that's totally the sort of thing he'd do in related situations - ask for more of something and then decide it's too much, or that he doesn't want it anymore and I need to get him something else instead.

I quite like All Wet for your acrostic, and I'm not sure what else you could have gone with. Soaked? Either way, I like each of your haiku individually, with the second coming ahead by a touch thanks to that final line.

Morganna - hah, I quite like the idea of a washing machine being called a spinny bath. That's a great line :)

Ivy - that's a neat take on the dog ate my homework story :) I'm guessing the first 'my' should be 'all' or something like that.

morganna said...

Marc -- spinny bath is what we call the washing machine around here. My kids are fine with the idea of their toys needing a bath (even better that it spins -- like an amusement park ride) where they would not be okay with the idea of their toys getting tossed in the washing machine that they aren't allowed to touch. They know what I mean now, but calling it a bath was a lifesaver when they were little.