Monday June 29th, 2015

The exercise:

Write about something or someone that is: nimble.

This morning's weather was certainly... eventful. While Rebecca and I were weeding and mulching the new strawberry patch we had a nice cool breeze, a heavy drizzle, a calm stretch, a heavy downpour, another calm stretch, another downpour, and then finished off with a round of blue skies and heat.

My body was feeling a little confused after all that.

Spent the afternoon with Max who was, for whatever reason, bursting with energy. It was a little hard to keep up with, but I managed.

We've got a fairly small harvest for local orders tomorrow, so I'm hoping it goes quickly enough that there will be time to do some weeding as well.

Edit: crap, I forgot I was going to talk about Max's response to the water bombers. I guess I'll save that for Wednesday.


Everyone who met Bo agreed that he was surprisingly agile for someone his size. They would watch with unconcealed amazement as he spun and leapt and spun until most folks would fall over in a dizzy heap but instead paused for a moment... and then started his routine all over again.

His balance was spectacular. The steepest railings and narrowest branches were no match for him. No one had ever seen him so much as slip, never mind fall.

Should you be foolish enough to play tag with him, Bo would evade you as though you were both in the ocean... only he was an eel and you were a tugboat. The way he deked and juked reminded onlookers of NFL running backs. Some even suggested that arena as a professional future, with the shrewder among those offering to be his agent.

But the football field was never where Bo was destined to perform. That was simply not the direction his genetics and role model pointed him in.

No, Bo was undoubtedly going to follow in his father's footsteps to become an elite, world-renowned cat burglar. That much was clear, even though Bo was only two years old.


Greg said...

I can easily tell which parts of your weather you approved of and which parts were less pleasant :) It does sound like quite a lot of weather for one morning though, you should definitely bank some of it and save it for other days. Max's energy sounds like it wore you out (but given I know you nap like an OAP that can't have been hard :-P ); still it must have been a nice change after platns and mulch that tend not to move much of their own accord.
Still looking forward to hearing about the water bombers!
Bo sounds very impressive (and given the revelation about his age at the end, which was definitely a surprise!) I think you're basing him on Max. Which... casts yourself in rather a new light :) I like the energy of this piece in particular, I can easily imagine the dizzying energy and activity going on here and would rather like to be doing it myself :)

"I think we're Nimbles, dear," said Agnes. She pushed her shopping trolley hard, wondering why it wouldn't go forward properly, and frowned at it. Betty peered underneath it for her, bending down so far that she seemed to double up; in her scarlet tartan coat she ended up looking a little like a traffic cone.
"That can't be right," she said, her voice muffled. "I thought they were those furry things that collected litter on Wimbledon Common. Oh, I see what the problem is. Just push really hard, dear."
Alice leaned on the trolley and pushed as hard as she could, her face going purple with the effort and looking like a plum framed by silver hair and an ugly hat. The trolley bumped forwards and there was a yowl that might have been pain.
"It's an acronym," she said. "It stands for Not In My Back Yard. And there's nothing I'd want the government doing in my back yard, thank-you very much. What was the problem down there?"
"That would be NIMBY, not Nimble," said Betty. "I always thought I was more of a Yuppie to be honest. There was a cat caught under the wheel dear, you ought to look where you're driving that thing. Like your mother used to say, up and down like a horse's drawers."
"We're definitely too old to be yuppies anymore," said Agnes. The trolley moved much more easily now, and she pushed hard to get away from the grating sound of a crying child. "Weren't you a dinky once though? Back when Colin was working for the Coal Board?"
"I've never been dinky," said Bettie, who bought her pants with elasticated waists so as to get a whole year's wear out of them. "You mean before he ran off with the Bridge mistress? I always knew those new-fangled card games were trouble, you know."
"Dual Income, No Kids Yet," said Alice. "I wish I'd had that, but Marvin came along before I'd even understood what sex was." She pushed the trolley into the supermarket doors, which slowed slid apart, apparently protesting her assault.
"No, never had no dual income," said Betty. They wandered inside. "What happened when you had sex figured out then?"
"I had to explain it to Marvin and I kind of went off the whole thing then. Bananas?" They'd stopped by the fruit.
"Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone?"
They stared at each other for a moment, and then resumed their conversation.
"I think we're probably Nimbles," said Alice. "Even if they do pick up rubbish on public land for no visible recompense. Oh look at that child with that mangled cat! You'd think her parents would stop her from doing that really...."

morganna said...

Never stopping
I move
Between worlds
Leaping and
Evading the Destroyer.

Marc said...

Greg - uh oh, I've given myself away! Time to relocate, once again...

These two are quite the pair. I simply cannot pick a favorite part of this one, there are far too many gloriously good moments :)

Morganna - really like this, though I suspect you wanted 'move' as its own line in order to make the acrostic. Regardless, it really captures that nimble energy.