Sunday June 28th, 2015

The exercise:

Write something in the style of: Dr. Seuss.

Greg, I trust that you've had time to do your homework since the last time the good doctor was mentioned here on the blog?

The lightning last night set off a number of fires in the hills around us - that we can see, at least. I would not be surprised to learn that there are more which are out of our sight lines, as there were a whole lot of strikes during that storm.

Anyway. The closest cluster is on our side of the lake, maybe (and I hesitate to throw this out there as I am a horrible judge of distance) five kilometers away. We had a pretty good view of the water bombers doing their work this evening, at any rate.

Max was... let me just say excited for now. I will provide more details tomorrow, if I remember.


On our farm we farm without harm. Except of course for weeds and other necessary dirty deeds.

Indeed those weeds simply have to go. Go where? Go here, go there, I don't know! Just, please, do not grow around my plants, or even in the rows!

When I see a weed I stop! Then I hop! Then I pull and yank and chop until that weed goes plop!

Then I feel very good, just like I should! Do I wish to do it again? I would!

When I see another weed has gone astray my happiness goes away. So I carry on without delay, saving play for another day, as I pull and yank and chop and slay until... okay... I can say...

Nope! Another weedy dope! Time to act, don't give them hope!

So it goes, day after day after day... and I wouldn't have it any other way.


morganna said...

How would you like to live
In the castle of Goz-Tharr
Built upon the terrible cliffs of Naar,
Nine hundred feet above the
Boiling seas of Ktharr?

Greg said...

@Morganna: Yes, yes I would. Is there a real-estate agent I can contact about it? :)

@Marc: the fires do sound quite exciting, though the water bombers are probably more so. I can see how this might capture Max's imagination; I look forward to the next time he's playing with toy planes!
No, no homework done. I can't find a deadline for it though, so I don't feel guilty :) I think you've definitely captured the spirit of Dr Seuss's work though, based on what I can find about it all online, and though you're not as concise as Morganna you're telling a longer tale. I think you need a name for your farmer though, to title the whole story: Ploughman Wowman or somesuch?

Right, so I know little about Seuss except that he used an unusually small amount of vocabulary when writing his books. So let's see how that goes!

The nibble-grabber
"Flibber-flabber!" said the Nibble-grabber, "Flibber flibble ho!" The Nibble-grabber snapped his claws and scared the cat; watch the yellow kitty go. The yellow kitty ran about; yellow kitty runs so fast! Nibble-grabber scared the kitty, grabbing it as it ran past. "Flibber-flabber!" said the Nibble-grabber.
"Flabber! Flabber!" said his mother, whose arms were long and thin. "Flabber, flabber, Nibble-grabber, let Kitty go again."
Nibble-grabber dropped the kitty: yellow kitty ran about. Nibble-grabber's yellow mother jumped, then shouted out,
"Oh Nibble-grabber, useless flabber, you're no son of mine!" Nibble-grabber scurried off and hid where no light shines.

[Ok, this is starting to make me feel dazed with the repetition and circling around!]

Marc said...

Morganna - that's an impressive amount of detail in such a short space. Nicely done!

Greg - Farmer Kharmer? Farmer Charmer?

I'll think about it :P

Limited vocabulary is a tough box to play in but you definitely rose to the occasion here! Though I did have to re-read Nibble-grabber every time I came to it...