Saturday June 27th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about (or by, I suppose): Elvis.

It was a bit of a weird market this morning - the customers seemed more picky than usual, and not as happy as they tend to be, overall. Maybe something to do with the heat, I suppose. But I think it had more to do with the two festivals going on around us (one of which was the Penticton Elvis Festival). I'm thinking people who don't typically attend farmers markets but decided to check things out since we were right there.

Whatever it was, our end result was still very good. We brought 20 crates of apricots and only came back with 4 and a quarter. Our peas didn't sell very well but we did move some, same with the broccoli. We brought home a pint of raspberries, which is ridiculously rare, but we did sell the other 29 so... I'm trying to focus on that.

I took Rebecca with me and left Kat and Max at home to escape the heat. Well, not especially true. I left them to go to the beach in the morning and Kat's parents (air conditioned) house in the afternoon to beat the heat.

And now... there's a thunderstorm going on outside. So maybe I should get this done and posted before the power decides to go out.


I don't want to be me,
Not anymore at least;
I watch in confusion
While others play my role


Greg said...

Sounds like an interesting market; did Elvis come up and buy things from your stall at all? :) I have to say, bringing home a pint of raspberries just sounds like an excuse to have dessert to me!
The thunderstorm sounds nice, and you should have a clean, fresh, sweet-smelling world to greet you tomorrow morning, so that's no bad thing!
Aw, your Elvis sounds very puzzled by it all. I shall console him by reminding him that in twenty years time he could be forgotten and they could all be One Direction impersonators!

A slight twist on your prompt. This is Wikipedia's page of all the songs Elvis recorded, and I'm seeing if we can build a 4-line poem out of them :)

Angel, All I needed was the rain
After loving you. I will be home again,
I believe in the man in the sky,
Cross my heart, hope to die.

Well, it's not great, but there's no extra words and it's six song titles :)

Marc said...

Greg - nah, not even an impersonator. We did see a pretty sweet Elvis shoulder bag though!

That's hella impressive that you managed to do that with nothing but song titles. You say it's not great, and I say it's brilliant.

Cameron Norris said...

One cold night, ted thought of a bold plan to finally talk to Suzy in school. Ted really didn't care if the other kids didn't think it was cool. When he was reading a poem in front of the class, everyone started to laugh including Suzy. Ted that he was tough, but the poem he just read was rough. He though he was being but the class made his heart turn cold. Than he thought of a plan. He grew confidence and fixed his hair, now him and Suzy are the perfect pair.