Tuesday June 23rd, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: chores.

Had a successful harvest for local customers today. We're still working on the raspberries for the bakery, but hopefully that won't take too much of tomorrow morning to finish off.

Speaking of raspberries... I took a break from picking this morning in order to take a couple pictures. I like this one best:

Pretty sure I haven't shared a picture of anything with you guys in ages. Sorry about that. It's partially because I haven't been taking very many lately, but mostly because the ones I have taken are living on either my camera or my phone.

Strange how big a step that transition can seem sometimes...


Don't want to do that.
Don't want to do that either.
Got anything else?

*     *     *

Spring shifts to summer;
Cleanliness is forgotten
Until fall returns


Greg said...

I guess the trick to getting the pictures off the camera/phone is to get into the habit of transferring pictures over every evening :) I know that I have a lurking worry at the back of my mind though that the computer will fail, or its hard drive will, and I'll lose the pictures; I worry less about the phone or the camera's memory card for some reason.
It is a lovely picture though, those raspberries make me hungry!
I definitely like your second haiku better today, the imagery in it is appealing.

Careworn hands clean house,
Hours pass like scudding clouds,
Only smile when done.


Rescuing people
Enervates me. I'm bored; I
Settle like the snow.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I seem to be having trouble making that a habit. Sometimes because I'm too tired and busy, other times because I just don't think of it. Hrmm.

That reminds me... I really need to do another backup of my pictures.

Love your first haiku this week. The fact that it is also the beginnings of an acrostic only serves to impress me even more!