Friday June 5th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose that have something to do with: thrown away.

I guess the rain and cooler weather really slowed things down with the strawberries, as we only got 55 pints out of our patch this morning. Had they been peaking as I was expecting them to (aka warmer weather this week) I would have expected around 100.

Oh well, can't control the weather, blah blah blah.

We also got 11 pints of raspberries, so at least those guys appreciated what Mother Nature tossed our way this week.

Max spent the vast majority of the day running around with Natalie (including literally running around in circles while the rest of us ate dinner) and then cratered after dinner. Hopefully he gets a decent night's sleep, as it's going to be an early morning to get to the market.


For years he was your best friend. Trusted with secrets, always there for you through thick and thin, he never let you down. And after all that... you just threw him away?

Sitting atop a throne of rotting food and decaying plastic, the only thing poor King Teddy rules now is the landfill.


Greg said...

It's a shame that you haven't got quite the harvest you were hoping for, but I guess that means that the strawberries will just ripen for next week now? In a way that just lengthens the season for your customers a little :) The raspberries sound nice too!
Heh, that's quite the scene you've painted, and I almost, almost feel sorry for King Teddy. But not enough to go and rescue him :-P (Oh and I rather like the homonymity between throne and thrown that you used!)

Thrown away
"They said that you gave me up for adoption when I was born," said Julie. Her brown eyes were magnified by her coke-bottle-lensed glasses, and she had odd scars, from birth, across her face.
"You were thrown away," said her mother, looking away from her and across the café. "But since you've come back again I shall have to call you Boomer, short for Boomerang."

Anonymous said...

I couldn’t believe her, that selfish, stupid, bitch! After all the time we had spent talking about it, all the hours of sleep we didn’t get because of it, and it turns out that she was only in it as a distraction from her own life! Here I was, thinking I had found someone who was just as crazy as Harry Potter as me, crazy enough to take test upon test to find out what house we were in, learning spells, making our own potions from ingredients purchased at the shady herbalist store down the street, and it was all a lie!
My fists clenched as I saw the long, hand carved ash wood wand I bought her lying in the trash outside her apartment, all the while there were screams emanating from her open bedroom window as she binge watched all the idiotic Twilight movies.

Marc said...

Greg - ended up just being a down season for the strawberries. But so far it's looking like a boom year for raspberries, so... yup, that sounds like farming life to me.

Ouch. This does not sound like the beginnings of a healthy or positive relationship.

Ivy - oh lord. Good riddance, I says! Good riddance! :)