Tuesday July 14th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the jury.

We picked a whole lot of blackberries this morning. Seven pints for local orders, and then another 21.5 pounds for the bakery. And we didn't even finish the pick! I ran out of time, so we told Kat's mom to take the rest so she could make this year's batch of blackberry jam.

Other than that, we just had three bunches of carrots, some cucumbers and zucchini, a pint of cherry tomatoes, and a few bags of greens to harvest. Definitely a quieter week, but hopefully things will pick up again next week when nectarines and peaches are available.

In other news, construction has begun on the new house. There's a great big hole where the basement will eventually be, and they've already put in a gravel driveway. It's all very noisy stuff, which doesn't make picking the blackberries in that area a particularly peaceful experience.

But it will obviously be worth it when it's all done and Max's cousin and her parents have their own home here on the farm.


A jury of my
peers? No, thank you sir - I know
how men like me think.

*     *     *

I know they don't like
me. That's okay. I just need
them to believe me.


Greg said...

How many pounds is 7 pints so that I can understand how many blackberries you picked altogether? (To solve this problems going forward I think you simply ought to record the count of how many blackberries you picked :) ) With all the building work it sounds like an exciting time where you are! Will you be extending your house in order to compete? You could add maybe another three stories and put hydroponics in on an entire floor so that you can sell fresh raspberries in the winter!
I think I like your second haiku slightly better this week, but it's a close run thing, definitely!

The jury
Twelve good men and true,
In dappled sunlight they muse,
...and agree his death.

Snow covers bodies,
The jury retired to think
And picked the wrong truth.

morganna said...

Twelve people, twelve minds
What are the chances one will
Be on my side?

One person thinks not
Hung jury and mistrial
One more chance for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm back from a vacation in Mexico! I'll try and post whenever I can, but I'm going into clinicals soon and I'm not sure how much time I'll have.

The Jury:

Yes, sit before us
And tell us all about it.
We’ll decide your fate.

You do look guilty,
With your shifty eyes and sweat.
I may need more cash.

Marc said...

Greg - maybe about 5 pounds in the 7 pints? About that. And... no. Not counting individual blackberries.

The plan is expand our house eventually. Just need to get our finances in order. Though the expansion will not be quite as... extravagant as the one you've suggested :P

Ooh, I like both of yours this week. I don't think I can pick between them - nice work!

Morganna - I like the story your two haiku combine to tell. I'm curious as to what your narrator is on trial for... and whether or not he/she actually did it!

Ivy - nice, where in Mexico were you? I've been to Cancun and Mazatlan but wouldn't mind getting back there to go somewhere smaller and less full of tourists.

Oh man, did not see that final line coming at all! That's very nicely pulled off.