Saturday August 1st, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: noise pollution.

Man, August huh? Not sure how I feel about hitting month number eight this year.

This morning's market went very well. We only brought home half a crate of nectarines, three crates of apples (we started with ten), and a few cucumbers. There were big crowds, thanks to the long weekend, pretty much from start to finish too.

Unfortunately a group rented out the park behind our stall and decided to blast music for the last half of the market. They were asked to turn it down pretty much as soon as they started (by Rebecca, actually) and they did... for about ten minutes. Apparently the market manager also asked them to turn it down later in the morning, with pretty much the same results.

It was especially annoying because they were drowning out the buskers at the market, one of whom was directly beside our stall when it started (thus Rebecca heading straight over there). As soon as the music got loud again they packed up their instruments and headed elsewhere. I hope they found a quieter spot somewhere else in the market, but I doubt it.

Thus... today's prompt.

My sister had a fun morning with her nephew before heading east to Calgary. We're hoping to drive out to visit her and her husband in the fall, but we'll see how that goes. For now it was an enjoyable few days together in Osoyoos, and that's something.


Turn it down, turn it off,
Please just make it stop!
I'd rather listen to
A pig eating slop!


Greg said...

Well the market sounds good apart from the noisy group: it seems a bit early in the day for that kind of behaviour to me, but then I guess I don't know the details. I remember that last year the park near me was used for some Indian festival (I don't know which one, but I know it lasted two days) and the noise was pretty much incessant from dawn to dusk (if you went near the park; it's pretty big so I don't know how annoying it was for people who live opposite it) so perhaps you had something similar going on?
I hope they cleaned up after themselves though!
Well, apart from your last line being a couple of syllables too short that's a great little poem that conveys your appreciation of their music rather well. I guess they were bigger fans of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift than you are... ;-)

Noise pollution
The fishpond's full of oil and the algae've all turned red,
The back garden's just a landfill site and the plants are black and dead.
But it's the screaming of the children that's driving me to rage,
Noise pollution's just unacceptable in this day and age!

Marc said...

Woo hoo, I've made it into August in my attempts to catch up on comments!


Greg - it was some charity group doing some fundraising. Whatever the cause they did not win many fans in the market, I can say that much.

And they were blasting more country than I cared to hear. Also: Spice Girls and... thankfully I cannot remember anything else they played now.

Your poem has a wonderful rhythm to it. Rather uplifting, despite its contents. Which are also great, by the way. That final line is just a little too spot on, really.